Friday, May 9, 2008

I Can Haz Trinket

WTF is with people saying "I Can Haz...." when they get something new? I must be old and out of touch, because if its a reference from something that everybody knows about but me, oh well, I get older every day.

But, I did go on a mission wednesday night.

I've been grinding out honor to nab a ring that would be an upgrade over my current raiding Ring of Arathi Warlords. Then Arena Season 4 gets announced, and new gear. I'm not sure if there's a ring in there or not, but I'm generally putting off honor purchases until that stuff becomes available.

But, something that's not likely to be obsoleted by the patch is the Medallion of the Alliance which provides a little resiliance, plus every 2 minutes, can remove momement impairing effects.

In conversation with my Arena partner the other day, we pretty much figured out the obvious fact that we should get our PvP trinkets if we ever hope to stay above 1500, let alone reach some of the higher requirements for the Season 4 arena gear.

So I started the night needing about 4k honor before I could get the Medallion.

Why not? I'm a glutton for punishment.

I just don't get it HOW impossibly much Alliance was sucking at AV last night.

At its worst, there was 11 losses in a row which left me wanting to use a nail clipper to remove my own eye lids, just to remind myself that its not that bad.

Horde camps Galv. We know this. We either need to charge in there with masses and masses of troops -OR- even better, just skip him, cap IBGY and the two towers over there, just for good measure. Once IBGY is capped, when you kill a Hordie in Galv's house while trying to clear the camping out, they rez far away, instead of right there to run back and re-camp you.

Nope. Alliance insists upon streaming into Galv's house one at a time, aggroing Galv, seeing lots of horde, and running out of the room, resetting the encounter. Insanity. Plus, if you happen to kill a hordie in there, they just rez 100 yards away at IBGY since nobody caps that.

Then there's the coconuts who show a drop of smarts but then fail in the end. I'm talking about the people who follow me to the Relief Hut -BUT- they then stop following me right as we get to Drek's house.

Ladies and Gentlemen. If you want to kill Drek, you more or less need to grab the RHGY. To grab the RHGY, you gotta fight at the flag. Not 50 yards away from it while each and every horde you kill rez's right next to you at full health.

Run past the pinch point/gate opening between the two FW towers. Run past the hill in front of Drek's front door. Fight on the flag, or even better, run past it and fight behind it. Dont let the Horde distract you right at the bottle neck entrance to the area. And dont, please please please, dont, cap FWGY. Even if its undefended and ready for the plucking. Until RHGY is capped.

When you cap FWGY before RHGY, every Horde I kill in the Relief Hut area will rez right back on top of me. If you wait for RH to cap, then we get to flip the bottle neck around and focus fire on the Horde.

Did have one beautiful win where about 15 people followed me to RH right off the bat, and we did a wonderful job of capping, bottlenecking, and killing. With so much losing that night, this victory was such sweet bliss.

In the end, I got my trinket. Played an AB. Although it was a painful 4-cap loss, the trinket is rather nice to have. Puts my resil at 290 which lets me stand my ground pretty nicely, and telling Rogues and their little Sappy tricks to F-Off is priceless.

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