Friday, May 9, 2008

E'rebody loves the Underdog

Typical morning, wake up with enough time for a BG or two before getting ready for the daily grind at the office. Goes nicely with the daily grind in the Outlands. Life's a grind, twould seem. But I digress.

Check my quests and see an uncompleted Eye of the Storm daily BG quest from the other day.

I'm always on the fence with what to do with the rotating dailies, such as the Heroic/Non-Heroic dungeon quests. Do you keep the Heroic Black Morass quest knowing you want Keepers of Time rep and that Heroic BM is pretty farmable? Or do you drop it in hopes of getting Heroic Mechanar or Slave Pens which you know you'll definitely be running in the next day or two, whether you have the quest or not?

The PvP Battleground quest is similar.

Basically, if you've got WSG, try it for that day, then discard after the day is over if uncompleted, because losing streaks last forever for me in the Gulch. If its AV, pretty much sit on it till its done, because you'll be farming tons of honor along the way, even if losing regularly. And if its EotS or AB, then the mental debate begins.

So I figure EotS will get a try.

Enter Battle only to discover Alliance is down about 700 to 200 and Horde has 3 nodes plus the flag in their possession at the moment.

Ok, just make it quick.

But what's this? DR only held by what would appear to be 2 hordies? Lets go see what they're made of. As it would turn out, they're made of pudding or dumplings and really cant stand up to Ruby the Wild Red Hog and a Night Elf chick sporting a Crossbow of Relentless Strikes, a Bloodlust Brooch, and a Shattered Sun Pendant of Might that gave a good old fashioned Aldor Proc right off the bat. Burned them down lickety split, capped DR.

Meantime the entire Alliance force is going after the Horde flag carrier, and we manage to steal the flag, and once DR caps, we cap the flag too. Still losing pretty badly, but we're at 2 nodes each, plus, what's this? All the allies who were after the FC are now controlling mid field?

Nearly instantly cap flag again. Still losing, but not quite so bad now.

2 dudes came to DR to help defend and I happily abandoned them. Amava's gun is too big to be sitting around NOT killing stuff :-)

Went with 2 other alliance and killed 5 at Blood Elf tower and stole that, yay three nodes, yadda yadda yadda, horde takes MT, yadda yadda yadda, Amava trots over to FR. Scared at sight of pally and rogue, nearly ran away while waiting for help.

Bah. Lets give it a whirl and see if I can kill one and last long enough for other alliance to see what's up and join me.

Start killing pally, hoping to make him waste a bubble. Rogue takes a time out and politely hops into the freezer, tyvm, Mr. Turkey. Keep focus on pally.

No bubble. No heals. No nuttin. Paladin is AFK.


AFK pally is dead before rogue thaws. Pookie the Rogue follows quickly. Wing Clip + Raptor Strike macro, FTW.

Cap FR

Alliance caps flag, FTW!!!!

Amava caps daily BG quest for a little payola and some honor. Gotta love joining the Underdog BG and parleying it into victory.

That's how my mornings are meant to go.

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