Monday, May 12, 2008

Pondering Playing Premade

You read, nearly daily, of my love/hate relationship with Battlegrounds.

There are some wonderous moments of real fun and excitment that shine out amongst a sea of agony and grindy grind and negativity.

Much of the negativity comes from the PuG nature of BG's and also the cross-server participation. While cross-server action does reduce wait times (a very good thing), it also reduces the accountability of people and the value of your social reputation. Since you'll likely never see 90% of the other players in a BG again, you can become whatever childish brat with unrestricted potty mouth that you desire.

With my resiliance at 290 now, I'm wondering if I should try out some premade action in battlegrounds.

To date, the only thing close to premade that I've done is enter into a BG with my own personal healer. I highly recommend this approach. Its better than having a reliable designated driver. With one of my friendly healers in tow, just the two of us are able to stave off wave after wave of Horde defending a node, or we're able to charge in and conquer nodes that Horde previously considered to be well defended, simply due to our ability to coordinate via voice, and keep me alive :-)

So my questions to you, my humble readers:

Is 290 a good resiliance? I've heard people say 300 is often a requirement that premade teams look for, so I'm close, and with one more piece of PvP loot will be over that magic number. I know from first hand experience how much more survivable I feel as my resil has grown. But with Season 4 on the horizon, is 300 even considered acceptable anymore?

How do you find others who want to play premades? I occasionally see people spamming on /general chat that they're looking for a premade, but I'm not sure I want to be that guy. Do you post to your realm forum?

Honestly, I'd probably like it to be scheduled premade time, similar to raids. If its any fun, I'd gladly trade one of my raid nights for premade PvP stuff. Is that how most teams do it?

Also, spec. I haven't done it yet, but I'm debating switching to a better Crowd Control class with some better concussive shots, traps, wyvern sting, etc, so I suppose I'll need to find some recommended specs and such. A scheduled premade night would be perfect because I could respec that night for BG and Arena action, then go back to my raid spec for the other nights. Lets put some of this gold to work.

Questions, questions.

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