Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today's post is brought to you by the number 1400

1400. Sunday was definitely sponsored by the number 1400.

Why's that you say? Amava, did you watch that Wesley Snipes movie about some presidential thingie? Oh, wait, that's not 1400. As an aside, you just cant go wrong with Snipes. Forget the tax evasion stuff, all casting directors should take note, get Snipes some more work. Especially if it involves parachutes, I got a kick out of that one. During college, inbetween playing Warcraft 2 on our little dorm room LAN, we "borrowed" from a movie theater a cardboard cutout of Mr. Snipes in the flying frog parachute position with all his flying gear on. Hung him from the ceiling with fishing line, and every night of Warcraft began with a Jack Daniels Salute to Snipes. I can't remember the name of the movie, and out of spite, I'm not gonna look it up or imdb link it for your convenience, but the legacy of Snipes lives on in our hearts.

Ok, back to WoW. What? I wove Warcraft into that lil ancedote.

So 1400.

You want the bad news or the ego stroking good news first?


I'll give you one guess as to whether this is the good or bad news.

Recapping last week, my 2's team had a smashing success, powered by my new pvp trinket. Went 8-2 and jumped from 1350 to 1450. Wow, we just might be getting good at this.

Yeah, that -OR- maybe Blizzard's arena matching algorithm sux balls.

Last week we were facing the softest softies you could imagine. The other teams had no coordination, went down easily, and didn't scratch us too much. Ok, some of the matches were close and exciting and required some level of skill to win, but generally nothing too tough.

Me and the partner did a bunch of BG's so he's got some new gear and also went and bought the faction vendor PVP stuff for him, and crafted a Nethercleft leg thingie. So his resil jumped more than 100 points over last week, putting him around 250-ish and me at 290. Not spectacular, but not too shabby either.

Lots of expectations going into this week.

First match, kinda tough, other team had nice coordination, but they also seemed to not know what a freezing trap does and why they might want to avoid it. Win. Ok, this week's gonna be nice.

Yeah, nice.

Went on to lose 7 in a F-ing row. Just brutal. The teams we faced were just way more coordinated, much harder to kill, much faster on CC'ing us, more mobile, etc.....

So what's the story? Does Blizz dynamically do the matchings? Or do they start the week after tuesday's reboot with you in a bracket and leave you at that ranking for the rest of the week as relates to matchups? If you go for a week smashing 1300 lvl opponents, will it re-seat you on the fly or will they just keep you at that level until the next reboot?

Because if so, that would explain the difference between the two weeks.

So we lost 7 in a row. For the sake of keeping my anger in check, it was a good thing my 3 year old was playing with her little sea creature play set right on my feet at the time, because if she wasn't there, I think I'd be shopping for a new monitor, and a new window.

Sure, we're technically in the Arena for the welfare payout, but we are trying to do well, we just suck though. 7 in a row is too much for my tolerance.

Then we won the last two games which didn't feel good in the least, but at least it stopped the bleeding. Ended the week 3-7 and dropped back down below 1400. Hopefully that means we'll be facing scrubs again next week.

Please, Amava, please don't say that was the good 1400 news!!!!!!!

As luck would have it, Arenas was the bad news.

On to my specialty, bringing the pain to PvE bosses, and the good news story.

Not a whole lot to write about that one, other than a dead Curator. Run the WWS report afterwards and discover....

Blessing of Kings + Blessing of Might + Astral Flare Targeting Macro + Balls of Steel = 1400 DPS

Actually, closer to 1450, which pretty much made me forget about the Arenas from earlier that day. There's just something about the speed with which a Hunter can switch targets without interrupted spells or casting or what not that makes us incredible during that fight. Plus saving Bloodlust Brooch, Bestial Wrath, and Drums of War for the Evocates.

Also hit 1392 on Illhoof, which actually had me just a hair less raw damage than our Seed of Corruption Warlock on the fight, which had me baffled a little bit because he breaks 2000 DPS on the fight. Oh well, dead boss is the important part.

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