Friday, May 30, 2008

For the Horde

As repayment (*) for some cheeseburgers and bratwurst (well, they said it was bratwurst, but I'm thinking it was Italian sausage disguised as bratwurst), I rolled a Hordie on the server of some friends.

Not sure what the future has in store for her, or how long playing her will last, but for now, guild pressures and a recent spurt of BG's have me a little burned out on Amava, so she'll probably only be logging in for raids for the next lil bit, which means I'll be getting my moo on.

Tauren Druid. With aspirations of becoming a tank. Maybe. Or maybe just a short lived diversion.

  • Tauren females rock, she's a little cutie pie.

  • Played her to lvl 10. Mulgore is pretty cool place.

  • Mining / Herbalism rules. Even at entry level. When I logged this morning, I had one gold in my pocket, and about 4 gold in the AH waiting to sell. Dual Gathering, FTW!!!!

  • First starting out, even the 30c to mail mats to my AH mule is painful. I find that amusing. Starting from scratch is kinda cool.

  • Kyle the Frenzied is awesome. Especially when he humps your leg after you feed him.

  • As usual, Quest Helper rocks. Although it did keep getting confused and started flickering back and forth between two different locations for various mobs. Pretty funny to watch it get confused.

  • Having only a 16-slot bag sux balls. As soon as I could afford it, I bought four 6-slot bags. They're waiting in my email for when I log back in.

  • Outfitter is causing me pain. Everytime I jump in the water, it changes my gear. When I get out, it doesn't change it back. This caused me to sell a bunch of the little scrappy stuff I was collecting along the way, since all the early stuff is grey and AutoProfitX automatically vendors that. Annoying because every tiny bit of armor at the early levels helps.

So that's that. Maybe a chance to play with some RL friends, which will be a first for me. Or maybe just a temporary vacation from end game madness. We'll see what the cards have in store for her.

* more like punishment, because they're gonna get all sorts of nagging whispers for boosting runs

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Durgan/Kzag said...

Playing with RL friends is great, I play with two people from work and a buddy in the army. Army guy frequently comes over and we lan it up, and the two work friends and myself have our usual Monday WoW lunch meetings. We discuss the previous week/weekend then talk about the plans for the week. Tons of fun. Once I get one char up to 70 I'll start up some Kara (just joined Nex on Terokkar).