Thursday, May 22, 2008

Raid ID Maddness

I imagine its happened to everyone. You're all gung-ho and ready to rock for some Karazhan action.

Let's follow along with a hypothetical raid situation and see how it goes.....

You've got 9 players, all with bags stuffed to the rim with consumables and other goodies necessary for waging war. You look through the guild and see that nobody's available to run tonight, either not enough time, maybe saved to a different raid ID, or perhaps just plain old wrong class or spec.

So you look around your collective friends lists. You find a person who wants to join up and their class/spec matches up with what you need. Great.

Go get your stuff and we'll summon you.

Head on up the stairs to Kara's back entrance. Buff up on the lil bridge, careful to not fall off the narrow ledge, lol.

The hypothetical raid is now buffed up, does a ready check.....all's well. RL gives instruction to head on in.

You run in the little vestibule and wait so that a tank can open the doors and run directly left and pick up that wormy or sparky thing that's right there. Kill him off no problem.

Get ready for next pull.

Then you hear over voice, the 10th member who was added in late asking....

did you guys run up to Curator's room? where are you?

Did you run kara this week? (its monday night)


Really, where are you?

Running up to Curator's room.

Um? How, we gotta clear the trash up to him first?

what trash? the steps are clear

You sure you didn't run kara this week?

No, last time i was in here was last thursday.

Right. Raid weeks run tuesday-monday, not normal like a calendar that runs sunday-saturday.

Oh. I guess I cant run with you. Sorry.

tyvm. smell you later.

So I understand that this purely hypothetical situation can be avoided by raiders understanding that Kara is a week long and it resets at the tuesday morning reboot.

BUT...Blizzard needs to give us a better way for Raid Leaders to determine this information.

You've got that silly little Raid Info button on the Raid Tab of the Social Window, but that's all cryptic and what not.

Should be a button or a /command that a RL can execute that will visually display who is all in the same Raid ID, who is not saved to any Raid ID yet, and who is saved to a different Raid ID.

Basic things like this just add in stupid 20 minute delays, during which this hypothetical raid could have been looking for a different player. As a result, the first real pull for our little imaginary group, after that one trashy trash guy, occurred 35 minutes after their scheduled hypothetical start time.

Any addons that nicely illustrate who's who and what's what for Raid ID's?

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