Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oh yeah, and I'm a noob

Woke up tuesday morning with just enough time to hit a BG before gettin' ready for work blogging.

Doh. Tuesday morning. No WoW.

Ok, maybe I'll check out the new guild on the Armory to see how many of the people came over to the new one since I really hadn't played much the night before.

Then I get to inspecting some of the other hunters to see if there's any blindingly obvious suggestions I can make, trying to be a good little officer.

One thing leads to another, and I'm playing around on which is pretty cool site.

Fiddling with the sandbox and other such featurettes.

Hovering my mouse over my cloak, I see the usual stat window pop up.

Hmmm, that's funny. Warcrafter doesn't display your enchants?

You'd think a fancy site like this would show you your enchants pretty straightforward.

Pop mouse off of the cloak and back on, maybe its some stupid javascript glitch.

Nope. Reload website and try again. Nope.

Ah, lemme try another piece of gear. Mouse over the chest. Yeah, see, there's the gems, and there's the enchants. WTF is up with the cloak?

Go check Armory.


I'll tell you WTF is up with the cloak. Its being equipped by a noob.

When Drape of the Dark Reavers first dropped of of Shade, I was wearing Blood Knight War Cloak that I had recently purchased for badges.

At the time, I had this whole hit rating fiasco going on with my gear and was playing around with lots and lots of gear configurations.

Along the way, I decided to keep my old blue +24 hit rating belt, and also keep the Blood Knight War Cloak, and decided to not ever really use the Dark Reaver cloak.

Then, some short time after that, I decided to go PVP and replace a bunch of stuff, including the +24 hit belt, thus forcing me into a whole new hit rating fiasco.

Dark Reaver cloak ended up becoming part of my gear set.

But never got enchanted :-(

Not the biggest thing in the world, but noobish no doubt.

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