Friday, May 9, 2008

The Power of a Smiley

You know....I always had a liking for Arathi Highlands. I think it was where my love for Herbalism really took, and it was the zone I was mostly playing when I just started learning more about the game and trying out new things besides opening up with Aimed Shot and wondering why mobs never stayed with my pet. Khadgar's Whiskers hold a special place in my heart. /sigh, I miss herbalism.

So its no shock to me that I enjoy AB as well. Sometimes.

Here's a little tidbit...a little taste of human spirit....a little ray of sunshine, if you will. A break in the clouds from the pain and agony that has been my AV grind, and these past few posts.

Playing a game of AB. Start off with Alliance doing nicely, capping 3 nodes. Leaving a couple defenders at each node, all offense is concentrating on the same node to maintain pressure on Horde.

Wonderful. That's how nearly every AB I'm in starts off. Lasts maybe 500 resource points.

Next thing you know, Horde has not only crushed our offense, but they've also taken back 2 more nodes so its now 4-1. I still, to this day, don't understand how every Horde BG team has 70% of the players with some sort of healing capability, and the other 30% is rogues. Alliance is lucky to show up with 2 healers out of 15, but I digress.

This is when the ugly sick comes out and slaps all the Alliance on the back of the hands and makes us all start go verbally (textually) abuse eachother.

Here's a snippet of what this one guy was saying....

F&$K You F*$%ing MORONS



And so on and so forth for about 5 or 6 lines of uninterrupted diarreha mouth.

After a few moments of silence on /bg chat, I chime in with

maybe if you tried swearing at us and insulting our mothers, that might motivate us to work together :-)

Note the smiley. Never underestimate the smiley.

So a couple of "lol"s come out of the team, and then a pause. I'm expecting a giant flame to come back from the guy. Here's what he came back with...

sorry, i hate when people do what i'm doing. its just that i lost 18 ab's in a row and its getting frustrating.

A tear came to my eye. I hear ya, brother. So I say...

its all good. care to join me for some tea up at the lumbermill?

See, lemme spell it out for you, nice 'n plain. Horde was holding LM at the time, so that would mean we'd be joining forces in some coordinated offense.

He's all...

kk, i'll bring the sugar

I was a little worried he was flirting because those who don't know the gargoyle of a man who sits behind Amava's controls think she might be an 18 year old surfer chick from California, but oh well. I'll take positive energy where ever I can get it.

At this point, 5 or 6 more people pipe in with...

go go LM

So a nice posse follows me and Mr. Sunshine, and we go on to cap LM.


Amava? Are you telling us that this guy's total bashing of your heritage and overall nasty attitude ACTUALLY ended up swaying the field of battle from imminent defeat to triumphant victory? That's earthshattering and might just well change the very nature of all Alliance PuG Battlegrounds!!!

Well, not exactly. I give credit to the smiley.

Oh, and you might want to re-define the words "triumphant victory" because once we took LM in a lovely display of coordinated positive energy, Horde came over and promptly kicked us out of our own stables, and we lost holding only one node.

But its the thought that counts.

And the smiley


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