Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Jogging of the Bulls

If you really want to scare your immediate non-WoW playing family, I highly recommend participating in a nekkid Running of the Bulls.

A few days prior to the brk/ratshag sanctioned event, I created MootonBerle on the server, a baby little druid in a banana hammock.

On the day of the event, I was at a family gathering, just sitting around talking. A small lull in conversation and my sister says, "hey its 10 to 7. didn't you say you had some meeting at 7?"

Hey, why not share a little fun with the fam?

Log in with 2 minutes to the start, with the whole family gathered around.

Hundreds of Cows in their birthday suits, randomly wandering around and bouncing or dancing or mooing.

Then the run. So much server lag, you'd see a giant empty zone free of toons ahead of you, then a small lag, then dozens and dozens of tauren zip past you like they hit ludicrous speed. Hoped the server would crash, but alas, no joy.

Relatively uneventful rest of the run from there, but if my family had doubts about WoW before this, they're definitely scared now.

Hey, Mom! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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