Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rapid Fire

No, not the Rapid Fire Hunter ability, but a little brain dump of random thoughts....

Mana Battery - Just for giggles, a priest respec'd Shadow for our upper-half of kara the other night. Dear Lord it was sweet. Example: broke 1300 DPS on Illhoof while drinking only a single Fel Mana Pot. And technically I probably didn't need to drink that one pot, just did it out of habit.

Not-So Daily - Daily quests become much more fun when you treat them as Weeklies. Doing the same long chain of quests every day was hardcore burning me out. Laid off for about a week. Did a bunch last night. Actually had fun. Especially when I accidentally pulled 6 Blood Elves while trying to get the Sunfury Attack Plans. Condoleezza the Ravager tanked like a champ and we survived.

New PvP Gear - with the patch out, is the new PVP gear and Arena season available? I gotta go check out the vendor and see if I need to start upgrading my Gladiator to Merciless Gladiator. Also have no idea what Arena gear is available, or what rating will be necessary to equip it, or if I'll even be close to that rating.

BE.IMBA - For giggles, I looked up my be.imba thingie. It says I should be raiding Black Temple. Ok. Lets go :-)

Levelling - its for the birds. Trying to get my Priest up to 50 to max out tailoring and alchemy. I'm finding levelling to be quite boring, since the thing I want to do is craft stuff, and not do mindless questing. Dinged 38 without much fanfare. Might take a brief detour into the Gulch at 39, following in Amava's footsteps.

Isle of QD - haven't been there in a week and a half. Not sure I'm sad about that. Although we did open up the next phase or some such on my server and there's new quests I haven't tried yet. My interest kinda dwindled once I Exalted them. The "below 10k gold" blues might bite me enough to go back and grind out some cash.

Heroic Ramparts with 3 Hunters - one of each spec, to boot. Actually quite fun trying to spread out enough so all 3 of us could trap, although it became tedious so I'd misdirect one onto the tank while the other two trapped. Nice to PUG a hunter into a group and discover that he can trap well. Good run, still need about 9-ish thousand rep till HH Exalted and sweet sweet Nethercobra leg craftables.

And that just about wraps up the Rapid Fire brain dump.

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Chorius said...

I leveled a priest to 50 for tailoring bags and such, prior to noticing that she needed to be 60 in order to get one of the specializations. Two Mooncloth for the price of one? Yeah, she popped 60 pretty quick. :)