Friday, May 2, 2008

I Craft, Therefore I Am...

...and other assorted fun stuff from last night.

Uno. I actually got to put my Leatherworking to use for something other than drums. Our main tank left our kara run 7 badges shy of a new pair of pants, so I made him some Nethercleft Leg Armor. Fun to actually do something with this profession.

Dos Equis. My first run with a mixed veteran/substitute raid. 4 new raiders and 6 vets, including a new tank and healer. Rather fun to see ppl get 3 or 4 epics in a single night. Also fun to see only one single epic get DE'd in the entire run. Even better to meet some more competent, if not undergeared, people who are fun to play with.

Tres. WWS proof that someone's hit or spell hit rating is too low is substantially more effective than telling them to increase their ratings before they've ever raided before. Seeing the lightbulb go off over their head is priceless.

Quatro. Doing 40% of party damage on the Curator fight, and breaking 1100 DPS without Blessing of Kings or Mark of the Wild. Never let the ego go without fuel for too long.

Cinco. Squeezing in my 10 arena matches in 30 minutes before raid invites were to be sent out. Went 4-6 for the second week in a row since restarting my Arena activity. Ended around 1350 rating. We still suck, but some of the fights are fun. However, start with a win, lose 6 in a row, win 3 in a row. At least it ended on a happy note, thus allowing me to not swallow the bottle of pills that the 6 consecutive losses had inspired me to take out of the cabinet.

Seis. Swapping between two computers can be funky at times. Especially when you're in arena, hit your #2 key to wing clip/raptor strike the guy, only to have nothing at all happen. Once the dust settles down, you look and see that #2 is actually your Illhoof Demon Chains targeting macro, so unless the guy you're fighting was named Illhoof, Drek Thar, or Demon Chains, you're S.O.L.

Seven. Classic moment to look at my paperdoll stats right before the Moroes fight. Wonder why my hit rating is around 105. Doh, gotta change out that PvP gear, fella. Why, o why, won't my Outfitter do this for me automatically? I thought I had the gear sets properly configured, but alas, no joy.

Ocho. Those stupid emails from AV with marks of honor in them are getting a little old. Although it was pleasant to see 4 out of the 5 from yesterday had 3 marks attached.

And the single best moment of the night....

Rotating through who sits out of the raid, wednesday was our RL / GM's night. We have not had one single Moroes fight that hasn't begun with him expressing his interest in the Mongoose Enchant formula. In the nearly four months we've been raiding Kara, it hasnt dropped a single time.

So last night, Moroes dies in a rather dicey way, with lots of chaos, and some very nice reactions by the team to a couple of key player deaths (gouge MT, blind OT, one-shot healer/shackler, FTL). As the Big Wigs trumpet fanfare plays to announce his death, I say on voice "I'd give ANYTHING for mongoose to drop tonight". Loot Master calls out seconds later "HOLY S---, 's gonna flip out". Luckily, nobody had taken my offer for ANYTHING up yet, so I can safely go about my business.

Then the three enchanters got into a fight over who would get the formula. Not your typical loot whore argument though. They were fighting to NOT take the formula, due to the friendly wrath they'd receive from the GM.

I just pray I can be there when the enchanter who got the drop tells him. She was seen to be peddling her wares in trade channel, not even 30 seconds after porting to Shatt.

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