Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Downgrading Armor Types

So, do you let your Hunters roll against Rogues for leather armor that's got +hit, +crit, +agi, and +ap?

Do you let your Resto Druids roll against Priests for cloth armor with all the goodies that healers want?

Do you let your Death Knights roll against.....well, I'm not really sure what stats a Death Knight will need, so hold that thought.

In a rare display of drama, we actually had a minor tift over loot. Strange, because its not come up even once through 4 months of raiding.

See, in a recent guild raid, this one player rolled for loot that was a downgraded armor type, against a player for who the armor is the primary type.

This piece provides stat bonuses to the areas that both need for their primary raiding role, so there was no off spec thoughts involved. Primary Raiding Role.

And, in this specific scenario, the downgrader would get an stat bonus increase over his current gear that was 400% better than the increase the other player would receive from the same piece. He/she only chose to roll after inspecting the other toon and seeing what a dramatic difference there was in how much of an upgrade it was to the two of them.

The downgrader won the roll. Minor drama ensued.

So what do other raiding guilds do? Do you allow downgrades if its for a piece that will be used in your primary raid role? or do you offer priority to those for whom it is the maximum armor type available, and only offer it to downgraders after all others have passed?

I'm on the fence. I can see the argument on the downgrader's side. It provides a direct increase in utility to the raid, because it makes him/her better in the role that he/she is invited to the raid for.

I can also see the argument for the non-downgrader. If you are a class that is restricted in what armor types you can equip, you will generally have fewer drops that are options for you to make use of, so when a piece that is your primary type drops, you're interested in getting it.

Luckily, all the people involved are mature adults, so the situation is over and done with.

But going forward, we're debating making a "formal policy" on where the guild stands in this situation, and I'd love to hear more about what other raiders do.


Chorius said...

An upgrade is an upgrade, unless you are tanking or off-tanking, Armor doesn't really matter a whole lot, the idea being that you shouldn't be getting hit in the first place. :) We haven't had any drama about it in our guild, but on occasion we have hunters running with leather, or trees using cloth. Honestly the non-downgrader needs to get over it, the bigger upgrade for the other guy means the raid will (should) do better, and you'll get more loot faster...

I'm wearing the Belt of the Long Path right now and I'm a hunter, it was the best belt upgrade for me at the time, and I don't notice the difference in armor. Take Tree Druids, most of the really good healing gear is cloth, sure there are a few good leather healing pieces, but they are few and far between, so in the meantime you see a lot of trees wearing cloth instead of leather.

Gothyelk said...

Funny you bring this up as it has been a recent topic in my own guild. We currently allow everybody with a primary role interest in the loot to roll. Recently our resto druid took some very nice healing cloth over the holy priest and while there was no drama at the time, it was noted and some feelings were shared later (don't you love playing with mature adults).

In the end it is all about what is better for the raid and the progression of the guild - if that means a hunter takes the leather or the moonkin wears the cloth then so be it.

But we can't forget that those are real people and it is sometimes wise to find some balance to the "what is best for the raid wins" rule.