Friday, May 16, 2008

What's a Priest to do?

Chorius commented on a recent post that included a snippet about my Priestly Alt. Aparently reading my mind, the comment essentially warned me to not get my hopes up for tailoring at 50, since the specializations that make it really cool are only available at 60. Hmmm, its as if you heard me mutter about the full guild vault tab I have that is solid, wall-to-wall Netherweave Cloth stacks and my dream of primal mooncloth bags out the wazoo. I really should screen shot it, the entire grid is purple cloth just waiting to be knit into something.

Luckily, 50 is just my immediate goal. Naturally, 70 is where he's going, slowly, but going.

I'm not sure if I want to run Kara as a priest, or just make bags, brew elixirs, and PVP.

There's a part of me that would love to have a Discipline Priest all decked out in PVP gear just kicking butt and chewing bubble gum saving teammates in some premade BGs.

I've had some fun healing in The Stockades and Black Fathom Deep. I could see dungeon or raid healing as being pretty cool, because its so dramatically different than hunting, but there's just something sexy about delivering unimaginable damage, and then getting to yell at the other DPSers who pull aggro in an effort to catch me. FD, FTW!!! Not sure I'd ever really like being a non-DPSer. Its nice to be able to make grilled cheese sandwiches while auto shotting through Kara, then blaming the wipe on bad infernal placement, rather than the reality of bad non-stick frying spray placement. I doubt my tanks do that, g0d bless them.

At level 38-ish, I went over to Theramore and the new questing area in Dustwallow Marsh. So far pretty cool. I did like the mortar firing quest that starts with Nat Pagle and ends up with me healing 12 riflemen and firing mortars at some giant sea creature that's attacking the docks. As always, Quest Helper takes some of the pain of levelling away.

Pain you say? Without even thinking or trying, I dinged 38, 39, and now 40, taking about 1.5 hours per level or so. Just silly fast. Before I left for work, I got on the plane to Darnassus where I'll be waiting to grab the boat to Exodar and get my elephant.

The question is whether to respec to full shadow so I can get shadow form right away? I do like my 3 points in Holy for fancy renew, and scattering of points in Discipline for fancy fortitude and fancy bubbles. It all depends on if I can find an upgrade to my lvl 22 wand, for which I haven't yet found an upgrade. Well, there's an upgrade that will add one (1) DPS, but it doesn't look like a cool magic wand.

You know Blizz got the graphics right when a 3 year old can wander past the computer and say "ohhh, he's got a magic wand". Now just let me buy dyes for armor pieces to ensure he's always wearing purple, and you've got another subscriber, from cradle to grave.


Kzag (Durgans Priest) said...

Highly recommend the respec at 40 to full shadow so you can get shadow meld. You will literally melt faces. If you thought lvling was going well before, wait till you get shadow meld. Far and away the best talent in the shadow tree.

Lysanne said...

The Necrotic Wand from SM GY is currently rocking my SPriest's face off at level 38. And it lights up when you use it! Like carrying a flashlight!

What more could a priesty want? :)