Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Including Your Special Someone

In any relationship where one person plays WoW and his/her significant other doesn't, there's bound to be moments of conflict. The secret to success is good communication, which shouldn't be a surprise, as WoW or not, good communication is the foundation of any relationship worth more than an evening of pizza, a movie, and a box of Trojans.

My gf and I are no different, open communciation is our hallmark, its what makes us tick. When not discussing such important life issues as why don't we know any midgets, or why are cross dressing bars so much more fun than regular ones, especially if one or more of the cross dressers is a midget, at times we find ourselves brainstorming the options for how to ensure that WoW stays in balance with RL.

Being the wonderfully supportive person that she is, many times the conversation migrates to how she can become involved in my gaming. Not being a gamer herself, starting up her own account is probably not an option, but we've come up with some other ways.

Whether its sharing in the joy of watching a raid during first boss kills and making fun of me when I pout after I die, or when heaven forbid, somebody top's me on the damage meter and I turn into a raging beast with the strength of mid-1980's Hulk Hogan with the emotional control of a 3 year old.

Or when Critical Alert breaks after Blizzard mucks with the combat log in a patch and she offers to Bloop for me anytime I crit so I'll know when to trigger a kill command. (aside: they recently fixed Critical Alert, and I've got my automated bloops back, and she can now rest and stop watching my combat log, god bless her).

Little things like this are what keep us going.

The other day, over lunch, she had the best idea yet....

I've been hitting the BG's a bit lately, in case you haven't been reading along. Which means I've come across my fair share of Rogues. Which also means I've come across my fair share of stun locks, and the sheer utter frustration that comes with being sapped, stunned, blinded, poisoned by an invisible enemy. Which also also means I've come across my fair share of high blood pressure as my anger shoots through the roof in anger at said gankage.

So, the secret ingredient that my gf, the single most wonderful woman in the world, came up with was that we gotta make these BG's a little more realistic.

Include your Significant Other in your WoW'ing and everybody wins.

Have them Kidney Punch you every time a Rogue does.

The benefits will be two fold.

Firstly, you'll have some pretty good motivation to learn to trinket or bestial wrath your way out of it.

And secondly, your special someone will vent any and all frustrations they've got with the game.

Its a win-win situation.

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