Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Best Quote Ever....

You can fix gear. You can’t fix stupid.

As said by Lassirra over at Hunter's Mark in a recent post discussing the concept of selecting people for guilds and filtering out candidates by gear alone. According to the story, the guild rejected Lass due to gear issues, with no attention paid to the human qualities such as attitude, skill, motivation, patience, helpfullness, generosity, and all the creamy goodness that is inside the type of players we love to play with.

That's one of the biggest problems with this silly little game we're all addicted to. You have to play with people who, back when they first were wee little lvl 1 turds, happened to select the right classes that would complement your class, and the classes of your friends. You have to play with people who were lucky enough to get the drops off the random boss loot tables. But not too lucky on too many drops, because then they'd out gear you and hop to the next advanced raiding guild.

Finding the right classes and gear doesn't mean you'll have fun, but you will be able to kill bosses.

To have fun while doing so, you need the right classes, with the right gear, but who also have the right kind of people at the other end of the keyboard.

Of course, Blizzard probably thinks...

Why fix stupid? Their money is just as good.

Plus the drama that stupidity creates is worth more than any single monthly fee cuz it keeps all us chumps logging in.

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