Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ding, dong, the Prince is Dead

The title pretty much says it all.

Getting ready for the third and final raid night of our Karazhan week, we were prepared to fight Prince Malcheezar at the top of his little tower.

Being consistent with our philosophy that friendship trumps progression, we invited our Mage back for the run. I think it was a good atmosphere of understanding how/why difficult decisions get made, and I also think it was a great symbol that we are not just progression whores who will discard friends at the drop of a hat. We did however start the night with a disclaimer that if we encounter unreasonable difficulty on the fight, we would try changing some things as needed. Everybody was excited to get going.

We've all only seen the Prince fight twice from our exploratory fights the other week, so this is pretty new. Seems to be pretty simple in concept, if not in execution.

Three phases.

Phase 1: Let the tank build a giant headstart on threat. Hunters feel free to go balls to the wall, so long as feign death doesn't get resisted. Everybody else, give the tank some space.

Phase 2: Prince goes ape sh1t on the tank. Everybody go ape shi+ on Prince. Gotta burn him down to 30% health to stop his enrage or whatever it is that he's doing during this phase. Hunters keep Scorpid Sting up the whole time.

Phase 3: Basically the same thing as before, but just keep going postal. Something about flying axes or something. Or maybe that was phase 2, I dunno, the whole nights a blur right now.

The whole time, if you're ranged, stay at max range. If you're melee, run like Speedy Gonzales when Enfeeble gets called out.

Also, avoid Infernals, which you have no control over, and as newbies, have no idea how to tell where they're going to land.

Not much more than that. The rest is execution. Took 5 tries to kill him.

Two wipes were directly attributable to bad luck on Infernal placement. One Infernal dropped directly where the Rogue and Off-Tank were running while avoiding Shadow Nova. Then shortly after, another one dropped right on the main tank and hunter pets still in melee range. The other Infernal wipe was probably avoidable if we had more experience communicating the Infernals and moving together, but still, pretty unlucky placement leaving not too much room to move.

The other two wipes were our own faults. Baby step learning experiences. Mostly dealing with WTF do you mean I only have 1 hit point? Took a few tries for people to get the hang of the whole Enfeeble thing.

Then on the fifth try, we nailed him, in yet another guild first this week. There was much rejoicing. No bow, no hunter helm. But 3 more badges and a new boss under our belt.

Oh, and have I mentioned how much I love Fel Mana Potions? They rule. Verah Nice!

Then we summon Nightbane.

He killed us so quickly and efficiently, its just not funny. Although, still high off our Prince kill, we were laughing our @sses off.

Then a nice fun questline taking you out to Dalaraan over in Hillsbrad or some such. Just for fun, we all ported to IF and then got on the gryphons simultaneously. Fun to watch the flight line of the whole team in unison.

When we landed in Southshore, the General chat line became a buzz of "Raid????" What's going on? I suppose that's what it looks like when 10 level 70's land in a random looking zone like that.

And now I have some arcane resist trinket that's supposedly useful in The Eye, although I'm unsure of where that instance sits in my future. Doubtful we'll get that far before the expansion, but oh well. I might keep it as a reminder of the pre-expansion depression that's bound to happen some day soon.

w00t. Two new dead bosses this week!

That 150 badge crossbow isn't looking too far away, after all :-)

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