Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Minor oversight, Illhoof dead

I just realized that I sorta burried the news of the first new-boss progression by our guild under new management at the bottom of an unrelated post which may or may not have captivated the audience to read to the bottom be easy to find in the future when I try to map out our guild-first kills.

Terestian Illhoof. Dead. Guild under new management. Happy happy, Joy joy!

Feels like we're getting a little bit more of the big time action, with one night remaining in our raid week to take stabs at Prince and maybe/maybe not Netherspite.

Why did they name him Illhoof, knowing full well that in many fonts, there's no easy way to differentiate between a capital eye and a lowercase ell? Does "Sickhoof" sound that much stupider?

And is there any way to beat this guy without a Warlock? Seems more gimmickey than even Blessing of Sacrifice on Maiden, but such as it is, figure out the gimmick and loot the corpse :-)

Biggest difference between previous wipes was speedy targeting and killing of Demon Chains, and Kil'rek tank doing outstanding job of chasing him down and building threat.

Our 'lock broke 2000 DPS for the fight, providing him with a much needed BOOYA moment to throw in Amava's face. In other news, Amava was happy to (A) be part of a guild-first boss kill, (B) hit 1278 DPS him/her self, and (C) have somebody top me/us on the WWS damage report for a boss fight for the first time. Had to happen sooner or later.

AoE's can kiss my Ravager's backside. We'll get upset when somebody beats us on a Curator fight.

Only 3 unkilled (undead?) bosses in Karazhan left.

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