Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WSG brings out the Bi-Polar in all of us

Why is WSG never just blah. Its either a fun, hard fought battle that's enjoyable whether you win or lose, or its a total royal pain of just complete grab-@ss? Its the Bi-Polar BG.

In yesterday's post about my trials and tribulations in WSG, I mentioned that the ring I'm going after will cost me 30 WSG marks. Wrong. The ring is going to cost me 10 AV marks. The next item in my sights after the ring is a new pair of pants. THAT will cost me 30 WSG marks.

But when I get a motivational bug up my butt to shoot for a goal, I've learned that its best to just ride it out and go with it. Some mental switch flipped in my head that I'd get the 30 WSG marks before I allow myself to farm the honor for the ring. That's a drop counterproductive, as going straight for the ring would then provide me with a little bit extra resil that will help just a teeny tiny bit during the grind for the 30 WSG marks, but nobody ever said I'm logical.

But I am stubborn. I was gonna grind out those damn 30 marks if I had to do them one at a time. Which is more or less how it turned out.

See, I had this little daily quest where by the gentleman standing in Stormwind City would trade me 419 honor and some gold for the simple act of winning a WSG game.

Oh, you mean I have to win one? Yeah, alliance doesn't like to do that. We like standing in mid-field with our thumbs securely embedded where the sun don't shine, getting slaughtered by the Horde pain train that's steamrolling past with our flag.

Starting the evening last night I was faced with needing 7 more WSG marks on the way to 30. Ok, so I figure I'll try a game or two before Kara. Queue up, join immediately, see that Horde is already up 2 to 0, and they're currently carrying our flag.

Ok, this'll be a quick way to win a mark. Hmmm, he's not capping it? Oh, they're just playing with us. So I go grab the flag, make it nearly back to our base, just to scare them off. The entire alliance team is begging me to just drop it and lose. Sure, no problem, but Horde isn't capping so it's not going ot make a difference. I oblige and shadowmeld for fun to drop the flag. It gets taken back. 10 more minutes, Horde doesn't cap. I steal the flag again, they kill me, take flag, and then mercifully, cap. Ahhh.

One mark down, 6 to go.

Still time before Kara, lets rock. Game in progress, Horde up 1-0. Alliance has 1 healing capable player, Horde has 6. Come on folks????? So I do my normal routine of chugging down the right side, up the ramp, jump into Horde FR, grab flag and run back the same way I came in (well, minus the jump, I gotta run up the little ramp on the way back). Luckily the one Alliance healer found me, and kept me up. Horde capped our flag on the way back. I saw lone flag carrier streaking out of our tunnel. So I figure "why not?" and run over to him, press my I WIN button (Bestial Wrath, Bloodlust Brooch, Drums of War), plus Frost Trap, Intimidation, Concussive Shot and my new Wing Clip / Raptor Strike / Mongoose Bite macro. He was dead so fast I couldn't believe it. Me likey. I retreive our flag and continue on to cap the Horde one. Ah. Rest of the game went similar. Along the way, 2 more Alliance healers join the fight and we go on to win, with yours truly capping 1 more and playing Protect The FC on the third. Fun as balls.

And I actually got to turn in my WSG Daily quest from four days prior. There was much rejoicing.

Four marks down, 3 to go.

Time for Kara. One shot Illhoof, Shade, Chess (lol), Prince, and Nightbane. Happily top 1000 DPS on each fight 'cept Nightbane with his silly phase transitions cutting into my damage time. RL for some strange reason brain farts and tells us to port back to shatt and call the raid without going for Netherspite. WTF!!!!!!

Oh well, leaves me an hour to hit BGs.

If the losses are quick, I can maybe grind out my next 3 marks.

Jump on the queue, zone in, watch as 10 horde trample 6 alliance in a nice and easy 3-0 loss. Very nice, only 2 marks to go.

Jump into another one. Horde is up 2-0 and they've got our flag. Sweet, this'll be another quickie. And the FC is on the minimap, and he's nearly capping. Outstanding. Uhhh? What's this? Not capping? I ask the /bg what's the deal? They've been like this for over an hour. Horde just keeps dropping flag and swapping carriers to avoid the debuff.

So I get to thinking. If I dessert, its going to be bed time. If I stay and play, its most likely going to be a long drawn out single mark game.

F- it, lets roll.

I start barking out that I need 5 others to come with me and wait for eachother on the ramp in the Horde FR. Takes some time, but I finally get 1 then 2 then 3 others to join me. We zip on in and grab the flag, with only me surviving, but luckily I've got the flag. They rez, and with 2 more, come meet me on the Horde ramp, which is now our staging area.

I figure I'll stay here with the flag and fight for our flag since nobody else will, rather thanrunning back for the cap just yet. Shuffle into the tunnel, on up to the Horde roof and kill the guy with our flag, and take it. Hot foot it across the field, untouched and cap our flag.

In this whole time they've been sitting there 2-0, nobody has even tried offense. In a matter of minutes its 2-1.

Same move, stage up on ramp, 5 of us jump in. This time, on the run-back, some lovely hunter keeps Aspect of the Pack on so I'm permanently stunned. Thanks buddy.

Try again. Cap flag this time, 2-2.

Next time into Horde FR, a druid grabs the flag. Sweet, I'm on CC for the run back, which is one of my favorite parts of the game when its working well. Wing Clip everybody in sight. Again and again. As long as somebody is in melee range, wing clips galore.

Of course, Horde grabs our flag in the process. By the time he comes visible on my mini-map, he's already by the Horde graveyard. Ugh. And the entire Alliance is protecting our FC. Anybuddy wanna join me to retrieve our flag? Anybody? Pretty please?

Not a soul. everybody's penned up in our FR, just dying and rezing and running back into our FR.

So I trot on over to Horde graveyard, and find their FC plus 2 guys. I don't think they saw me coming, and I think I three-shot the first hunter, froze a shammy, and then proceded to kite the flag carrying warrior around for about 20 seconds (luckily, that's the time on the frozen turkey too), killed him, gobbled up the flag, and then druid capped, F.T.W.!!!!!!!!

And I now have my 30 + 1 WSG Marks of Honor, with exactly 3 wins in the grind from 0 -> 31.

And I can now begin the grind for about 20k more honor to get my new Raiding/PvP ring and my new PvP pants.

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