Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A drop more 2.4

So a couple more days have passed since 2.4 was installed. The dust hasn't completely settled, but its getting there.

Baaaaahhhhh. The next part of the post started out as a long littany of the new quests and the experiences of going through them. BOOOOOORRRRRIIIINNNNGGG. Lemme 'splain. No, there is too much. Lemme sum up...

  1. Quest Helper. Updated to include new quests. I love you!

  2. Early morning, overcamped new areas are much less painful, much less populated.

  3. Dual Gathering, FTW!!! Nether Residue is just oozing out of everything I touch.

  4. Fishing quest. Love it. When the quest says "lakes of nagrand" and I go fishing in the "streams of nagrand" I shouldn't be surprised at the low drop rate. But I did get 4 skill points and a bunch of foodstuffs. Vunderbar!

  5. The one in Hellfire where you gotta whip out your companion and let him absorb the elementals as they die. Blizzard was 100% spot on by allowing the companion to absorb from anybody's kill, not just your own or your party's. Love it, even if its a bit touchy with how you gotta not run too far away from the pet.

  6. Havent run the new 5-man yet. I suppose I'm not too crazy about it because at the point of progress I'm at, I see new content each week, in Karazhan. If I were more olde tyme, I might be more anxious. I'll run it eventually.

When I turned in one of the IoQD quests, the NPC informs me that the server is now at 95% complete for Phase 1.

And I got to thinkin....

Twould be cool if they added more hype surrounding the progress.

I'm talkin' bout a giant thermometer in the middle of Shatt City that shows the progress, just like a fund raiser or telethon.

Give me a progress bar, just like the faction reputation one, that shows me my server's progress.

Sure, they've got the guys who tell you the % complete. And they've got some website you can look at that has updates on different realm progress. But both of those are to obscure.

Do something to promote guild awareness by publishing each guild's contribution. Give members of the top 10 contributing guilds a title for a couple months following the completion. Give the top guild something fancy also. Or maybe reward the winning guild with 1000 gold, not that they'd need it after completing all those dailies, lol.

I think they've got a cool concept with the server-wide effort, but are coming up a hair short by skipping out on the opportunity to build a bigger sense of community.

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