Friday, April 11, 2008

Like Grass through a Goose

That's pretty much what our team was like in the first half of Kara on wednesday night, the first night in a fresh new raid instance.

Other than plowing through the most raid content we've ever done in a single night, the run was generally unremarkable.

Rather than go through a littany of "one shot this guy, he dropped phat lewts. cleared to the next guy, one shot him, he dropped skinny lewts that got sharded. cleared to the lady, one shot her, she dropped phat lewtz", I'll give some highlights that stood out in my mind.

  • Schedule and Roster - Holy Paladin in the guild really wants a raid spot. We tell him a day in advance that he's on the invite list and invites go out at 8:45 and first pull is 9:00. 9:05 rolls around, still no pally, we find a friend to join. Around 9:20 pally logs in. We were already killing stuff. Time is money, I'm proud of the team for reinforcing the message that we stick to the start time. Nothing burns you out faster than twiddling your thumbs in hopes that somebody's gonna show up. That is, until I'm 20 minutes late some day :-)

  • WTF Attumen??? - Attumen continues to give us the most trouble of any boss in early Karazhan. For real. Once again, he killed the top three DPS'ers, yours truly included. During Phase 3, while mounted, he seems to be going after the top threat non-tank and one shotting him. Three times during the fight. Insane to watch yourself way way way below the two prot warriors on your threat meter, only to have the horsey come donkey kick you in the teeth. Despite our 3 deaths, it was a one shot, but we really and truly need to figure WTF is going wrong here.

  • Maiden - in a glorious demonstration of team firepower, we burned her into the ground so fast that she only cast Repentence a single time. That was a pretty cool feeling.

  • Tito - or lack thereof. We laid Dorothee to rest so fast that she never got a chance to blow the whistle and summon her doggy. Actually confused the h3ll out of us. I suppose I should read the strat over some more, but I didn't even know that was a possibility. I can look back through my blog archives and note dozens of times I said that one of the key things we need to push forward is greater overall damage output. Its sweet to see that the action plan we put in place to improve that aspect is really paying off, and making the impact I anticipated it would.

  • Shade - our first one shot of Shade of Aran. With the DPS flying the way it was, he never did his polymorph/drink/pyroblast routine. Once again, must have been an oversight when I read the strats to begin with, because I was surprised to not see that happen. Plus, our PUG friend brought a Gift of the Wild, which provides some resistance to all schools of magic and I'm sure helped a ton.

  • Poor Condoleeza - my Ravager just could not survive the Shade fight. I think I rez'd her 3 or maybe even 4 times, which sucks donkey b@lls. I have no idea what was killing her so much. I had mend pets going pretty continuously. She's got the basic 2 ranks of resist in all schools, plus rank 2 avoidance, plus the GotW buff. Died over and over, gimping my output substantially. WWS has a new client version available. When I ran the report, there's no option to view just a single boss fight, so I cannot really examine exactly how much gimpage this caused.

We started the night with two goals:

  1. Firmly establish the fact that Shade is on farm status.

  2. Clear all our farming bosses/events on the first raid night.

Ding, and ding. 2 hours 46 minutes, and 13 badges later.


David said...

Move closer to attuman

From wowwiki: Berserker Charge: A charge that does 200 damage on cloth and applies a knockdown for a brief stun. It hits a random target at 8-40 yards. This charge frequently does only around 200 damage, it is possible for Attumen to get an attack on the charged target causing 6,000+ damage.

The Berserker Charge has a minimum range of eight yards. Even hunters can attack from less than that range, so nobody needs to get hit with the Charge.

Anonymous said...

My cat Ruth has max levels of arcane and shadow resistance for Karazhan, and no other resists. She doesn't die very often.

Also, it's important to pull her out of there when Shade does his arcane explosion, because that will kill a pet just as quickly as it will kill you.