Tuesday, April 1, 2008

F Alliance, I'm Rerolling Horde

At least that's what our Guild Leader said Sunday morning.

More and more lately, he's been getting frustrated with Alliance PuG Battlegrounds.

He'd come back and vent on gchat about how painful and immature the groups are. He'd float a joke here or there about wanting to play horde.

Nobody took it seriously.

Then Sunday morning, same bit, but this time, he says that its actually happening and the Team 1 Raid Leader will be taking over the guild.

Huh? He logs into each of his alts and gquits.

Somewhat out of the blue. Semi-glad I was online at the time to see it. Its sad to see him go, and I really hope that he finds more maturity in the Horde PuG BG's, but somehow I doubt its really all that different. I imagine that PuG's are immature everywhere, as its frustrating to work with a collection of uncoordinated folks on anything. Better answer might have been to organize some premade BG's in his own guild, but oh well, to each his own.

Two minutes later, I see the little broadcast message that Amava's been made an Officer again. D@mn, I've been enjoying life since my demotion two months ago.

Newly annointed GM whispers me..."you're in this with me, bro".

Ok, lol. I'll see what I can do.

Step 1: no more recruiting.

Step 2: we figure out wtf to do about Team 2 and get them running, pronto

Step 3: only recruit when we have a need, not blindly recruit and then try to figure out what to do with them.

Step 4: gotta select and assign a couple other officers and come up with some duties for each officer, to spread the love around.

I think that's it. Fun fun fun.


Ess said...

Heh, well, he's in for a surprise because it's no different horde side. It probably has more to do with your particular battlegroup and who happens to play the same time you do, but I've encountered plenty of immature, annoying whiners horde side as well. The worst is when the Alliance takes a tiny lead and then there's a barrage of "oh well, guess it's over" types of responses, punctuated by colorful accusations of mental deficiency on the part of whoever proposed the strategy. It's all good when you're winning, but as soon as you start to lose... :P

Anyway, hope all goes well with getting those Kara teams settled and the rest of the officers initiated.

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