Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ding Dong, the Fire B1tch is Dead

After some brief discussions over what to do about a handfull of people asking to join the guild even though we haven't really settled upon a recruitment strategy amongst the new guild leadership, we sat around partied up, each doing our dailies spread throughout the WoW universe.

Lets run a quickie heroic before bed, shall we?

Flip a coin, mechanar or slave pens?

On the one hand, I'm 170 rep points away from CE Exalted, so SP sounds nice.

On the other hand, our tank is looking for a sword in Mechanar.

Ok, Heroic Mechanar it is.

Its basically become our team's Badge dispenser. Easy enough to clear out, with enough variety to not get boring.

About an hour, give or take (mostly give). Its the place we come to practice our speed pulls, where our MT tries to make us cry, and we all thank him for it.

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another!!! /SLAP [target=fanny]

Three easy badges.

First boss is cake once you figure out where to put him so his bombs are useless.

Then there's the pod with a free badge before the elevator.

Then we wipe on the gauntlet. Came this close |-----| to surviving it, which was cool to see, but we're pretty much ready for our one standard wipe at that point.

Then Panthaleon the Calculator, the final boss. Stupid easy. Used to have all these complicated arrangements of what to do with each wave of adds and who's doing what.

Nope. Warrior fears the first wave of adds. I think we burned the boss down in about 15 seconds. It was stupid. Maybe 20 seconds, because Bestial Wrath had just worn off as the boss died.

With two hunters misdirecting, all DPS was balls to the wall. Just stupid. No Abacus of Violent Odds or Sun Eater dropped, which were the two reasons besides Badges that we came for, so poo, but whatever. I really do want to try out the Abacus to see what effect haste will have on my output, but oh well, as long as Mechanar is our badge dispenser, I'm sure it'll happen sooner or later.

And the icing on the cake....

We always skip the Fire B1tch on the way in. And we allow ourselves one wipe on her every time. And its a wipe....every time.

Not this time. Sure, our Omen threat meters are still messed up since the patch so the Warlock thought he was actually 4th on the threat list according to his meter, but we all saw him hit 150% of the tank's threat in a massive burst, and he went down. Then the other hunter went down due to those damn fire trail guys. Then the tank dropped. And then Amava smashed the living buhjeezus out of her.

First Fire B1tch kill for us. Extra Badge. Fancy no-longer-uniquely-equipped gem for the 'lock.

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