Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Survivor, not Survival

Note: very outdated spoiler follows. If you're watching Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites WAY WAY WAY after it originally airs on TV, stop reading as I'll be spoiling the name of the merged tribe, and also the person who championed the name, and thus, was not eliminated prior to the merge. Nothing sux more than somebody spoiling anything about the Survivor season, so this disclaimer is your warning of the very mild, very outdated spoiler that follows.

Do you watch Survivor? Not sure how many people still watch it, but I'm still a big fan. Its one of the few brainless diversions that pull me away from WoW. There are several non-brainless (brainfull?) diversions that distract me from WoW, but Survivor remains a nice break from home.

Either way, you know how they have to collaborate and come up with a tribe name after the merge?

This time around, one of the players, Erik, came up with a name, and was a vocal champion of the tribe adopting his name.

This guy is in his early 20's, is advertised as an Ice Cream Scooper for profession, has a hair doo that's just indescribable. Perhaps he had a shaved head, and then never got any of the hairs cut while it grew out for 8 or 9 months. All uniform length, scrappy looking mop on top of this skinny kid's head.

He's pretty pathetic with the ladies, and there's clearly romance in the air this season, but he's akwardly on the outskirts trying to live vicariously through the exploits of Ozzie, one of the all time most athletic Survivors who's taking showers with multiple curvey survivors (no, I don't mean Cerie).

In a nutshell, I guarantee this guy plays WoW.

And what's the tribal name he came up with.....DABU !!!!!

Maybe I need to disconnect from the game for a bit because this sounds a lot like an Orc Peon, yes?

When I go on survivor, I'm gonna name the tribe Zug Zug.

During the little interviews with the Survivors, Erik never made mention of the connection, but I'm convinced its there.

Nerds, FTW!!!!

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