Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pimp my Mount

Cenarion War Hippogryph Over Shatt City

Wrestling with the idea of what to spend my gold on, I had a few short-list candidates.

Fiddled around with some alt professions. Only limit to spending there was the availability of Rune Cloth on the AH and the level of my alts. Although there was still some left for sale after my buying spree, I simply refuse to cater to those guys trying to prey on my impatience and offering cloth at 3-400% of the going rate. On principle alone.

Also debated blowing some dough on really expensive recipes. Sure, it would be fun to collect as many as possible, but no real reason. I did find the Lifestealing enchant listed for 5g when it normally goes for 100g or so. That was a nice score. I'll probably never use it, but a 5g click of the mouse to indulge the collector in me.

Then I checked my blackberry and noticed that Kestrel left a comment singing the praises of the Cenarion War Hippogryph.

I just happened to be passing by the Cenarion Refuge on the way to Coilfang Reservoir, and oopsie, clicked the buy button.

The new mount is so choice. I fly it more than the Netherwing Drake now. Just feels sportier.

I think my only option for getting a new set of wings would be to take up Engineering now. I'm gonna go with "no" on that one.

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Kestrel said...

Thanks...for the link, and for not adding to the pollution factor by getting one of those awfulcopters. ;)