Friday, April 11, 2008

Why must I always want a new profession?

After a brief stint below my new sea level of 10k gold, I'm back up treading water again. I suppose buying a War Hippo, a new Bank Mule Guild Vault tab, and more Super Mana and Fel Mana potions than I can imagine (grrr 2.4 mana changes) will do that to ya. But extra dailies and a constant stream of metals and herbs to sell bring ya back up to the surface nice and quick.

In separate news, when I was 32 gold away from re-hitting sea level, a guildie came on /gchat and was singing his woes at only having 32 gold. I had to restrain myself from asking if I could borrow it so I could ding 10k. Better judgement prevailed and I instead yelled at him to get out and do a couple dailies.

And in yet another twist of fate, I find myself once again debating a profession switch.

I'll probably let it slide and stick with my herbs and minerals bread and butter, but Skinning/Leatherworking has a nice appeal to it. It'll be a giant sink while levelling up, but once LW is maxed, the skinning will be a nice income. And a couple T6 BoP crafted items never hurt, or a raid buff from some Drums.

Just gotta stick my head in the sand and stay away from any profession trainers until I come up with some new absurd savings goal to remind me why I love dual gathering.

What else is there to spend my money on?

I've been looking for some of the new world boss BoE ranged weapons on AH but there's been nothing. I'm debating contacting some guild leaders of guilds that wowjutsu says have killed these bosses and offer a fat bounty for a weapon.

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