Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ding 10K

Rather unceremoniously, my collection of Primal Fires hit 20, and as per my normal habit I dump the whole wad on the AH in single listings.

Those sell easily, and provide some nice chunks of gold closing the gap to my savings goal of 10,000 gold.

Took about 2 months, without really doing anything special. Daily quests whenever I could. No specific farming of marketable goods, but naturally herbing and mining along the way.

Spent a whole lot of money on bags, gems, leg armor kits, glyphs, enchants, raid repair bills, flasks of relentless @ss, among others, along the way. Donated tons of mats to guildies for crafting profession skill-ups and enchants.

Ok, so what to do?

First thing I did was power level up some tailoring and alchemy on an alt up to 300, and started dabbling with engineering on its way to 300. And I bought some recipes that I'll never use, but figured "why not?"

I looked at 2 primal mooncloth bags for 400 each. Was gonna get them but figured I'm not in a rush so I might try to fund a guildie who can get skill points out of making bags for me.

Now to find a Mutual Fund or CD to invest in and earn interest until the Wrath of the Lich King comes out.

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Durgan and Pudding said...

Congrats! Thats a huge amount of gold. I'm having gold issues on my chars because my friends insisted I take actual professions to make things rather then dual gathering. Makes the grind for gold a lil harder.