Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Solo'ing the Isle of Quel'danas Dailies

What's that you say? You solo the Isle of QQ dailies every day, right?

Pretty much all of us do, there's nothing special there. They're pretty easy, quick way to bang out a little pile of gold and rep. I've been doing these quests solo every day since the patch came out. We all ahve. Why post about it?

Well, this morning, I finally got to solo the dailies. SOLO them.

The server was empty. I mean EMM. TEE.

Not a single other soul to be found near the quest areas on the Isle.

Holy Dog SH%@

They were actually pretty tough. I even died once, and came within a breath of death 3 or 4 other times.

It would seem that the respawn rates are NOT really dynamic based upon crowd levels. They're static, just very high. Not uncommon to kill a demon near the portal only to have its replacement spawn while you're looting the corpse.

When the zone is totally over camped as it has been every day since the patch, this is a good thing. You don't have to wait forever for your mobs to respawn and can get the quests done very quickly.

It was a strange feeling this morning to see it so empty and to see SO MANY mobs and have them RESPAWN INSTANTLY.

Just no way to keep up.

The first two from Phase 1 were not too much different. The mana powder droppers and mechanical guys are spaced out enough that there's no issue there.

The Phase 2 quests were insane. Ok, the bombing run was no different, cake walk since the nerf.

Taking the three measurements was just ridiculous. Trying to approach the portal, I had 7 or 8 demons jump me. Kill one, his brother spawns and attacks you. The d@mn emmissaries were pouring out of the portal. Complete and total insanity. Only thing that kept me alive through this was that I was still fully raid buffed from logging out after Kara.

Same deal going through the blood elf house to take a reading at the crystal. Tried going in slowly to avoid the mass attacks I got at the portal. Nope, respawning too fast to get in there that way. Ended up Leroy Jenkins style charging, dropping snake trap so the 9 guys that jumped me would attack the snakes, took my reading while trying to sic my doomed pet on every mob I could, then just tried to run as far as I could before death to make resurection easier. WTB, hunter bubble.

The stupid nagas you can normally run through and get out of combat by the time you reach the measurement shrine. There's normally enough people who stop to fight the frost-bolt casters so you can just zip past, maybe absorb one frost bolt, maybe have to fight one dude when you dismount at the end. NOPE. So. Many. Mobs.

Was kinda fun to fly over all their corpses on the bombing run. I left a bunch of trash on the mobs, like 7c fish oil, so as I flew over, the terrain was littered with sparkling lootable corpses. The laugh I got from that made up for the frustration of the whole event.

I suppose there is a benefit in being surrounded by ninjas, @sshats, jokers, and friends.


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