Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Who needs the Holy Trinity?

The Holy Trinity of the WoW 5-man group.

Tank, Healer, 3 DPS.

Don't go into a Heroic dungeon without that make up, unless you enjoy pain....OR....if there's a full moon in perfect alignment with Saturn, Mars and Venus, cats and dogs are living together, lightning strikes the same spot 7 times right outside your house channeling all its energy into your cable modem, the Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Tour comes knocking on your door in search of oil boys who play Night Elf chicks.

If all those things are happening, you might also find yourself with an over abundance of tanks and healers and be hurting for DPS players.

Such was the case this whole weekend.

Everybody's itchy for badges. As of this writing (but not posting, since I post nearly 24 hours after writing this drivel) Terokkar server is about 65% of the way through Phase 2 and the new badge vendor is getting closer and closer.

We don't need no stinking badges!! Um? I beg to differ. That sweet crossbow is gonna set me back 150 badges, unless some guild on the server starts farming the world bosses and puts one of those newly BoE ranged weapons up for sale for a King's Ransom (which luckily Amava's bank mule tends to keep a King's Ransom on hand).

So one sane option would be to form a group of 1 healer, 1 tank, the 2 guildie DPS that are logged in right now, and then enter into the LFM channel to find another DPS player.

But then you'd be leaving one of your favorite tanks out to dry. I'm not one to want to choose between tanks, their egos are more fragile than mine.

Why not invite them both. Worst case scenario, if its a wipe fest, we bail out. Best case scenario, we have a new form of CC called off tanking. Just gotta hope that Amava and the other DPS'er can deliver enough noise to bring the mobs down.

Yepperz. Heroic Mechanar and Slave Pens, two protection Warriors. Honestly, didn't take all that much longer than doing it with an extra DPS. Granted, those two dungeons are easy mode badge dispensers, but either way, a giant breath of fresh air to know we can do it with an unusual group composition.

And I dinged Exalted with Sha'tar along the way, which is not truly useful to me, but nice anyway. Only have Caverns of Time, Lower City, Kureni (sp?), and The Consortium to grind rep with. Oh yeah, and Shattered Sun, but those dailies will have that one nailed in a week or two. And Sporeggar. Ugh, so many factions, so little time. Bah, Honor Hold also. Maybe I should reconsider my long term goal of All Exalted, All The Time.

Then the next night, having turned the Hawaiian girls down since I'm all set in that department and I'd hate to get all that body oil on my keyboard because I don't care how busy they keep my hands on the tour, I'm still gonna want to play WoW (holy addiction, batman), I found myself in a similar situation.

Wanting to grab badges badges badges, I look at the guild and see that we've got me and one DPS, a tank, and two Holy Priests as the only people who were not otherwise occupied at the moment.

And Slave Pens is the heroic daily quest, providing more motivation for wanting to git 'er done.

Easy Peasy.

We entertained the prospect of having one respec to Shadow for the run. Bah, who wants to waste gold like that. Plus he's still trying to fill out his Shadow gear set, so wouldn't be all that much benefit to offset the cost.

Nope, two Holy Priests it is.

Bam bam bam. Once again, took us a drop longer than doing it the conventional way. Definitely required the Tank to showcase his multi-mob tanking skills, in which he was spectacular. My new Ravager, Condoleezza, got to chomp on some Sporeling Snacks so she could play off-tank on a couple of the 5-pulls.

But we showed ourselves that a couple of early/mid-kara geared players who know how to work together can tackle at least some Heroic dungeons with wonky group compositions.

And we collected our badges with much joy.

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