Friday, March 28, 2008

What's that you say? Not BoP anymore?

Following a Karazhan run last night, the post-raid conversation was two-fold.

The first and most amusing part of the discussion was about damage meters. Nobody had a DM working for the run, so we'll all have to wait for the WWS report to see how we did. The biggest edge-of-your-seat thriller was that our Warlock who is normally the #2 DPS'er got some new piece that gave him some spell haste, so we're all anxious to see how that'll improve his numbers. And everybody wants to see the resident BM Hunter DPS juggernaut get toppled (or at least I do, just to spur me on to hit the BG's for those last two PvP items that'll be raiding upgrades for me).

Once the damage meter predictions were winding down, we all talked about how the patch changes things.

Warlock says "What? Primal Nethers are no longer BoP? You mean I can sell the 10 that I have sitting in my bank?"


Then he goes "Sweet, I'm a couple grand shy of epic flight, so this'll help."

Now the gears start turning in my head.....

Well, our raid is covering more and more territory on any given night, and my 20-slot quiver is starting to look a little too tight.

I've been trying to save up 99 Light Feathers without resorting to buying them. I dunno why. They're pretty cheep and readily available at the AH, but I magically became stubborn on this issue back when the quiver first came into the game (patch 2.3, mayhaps?). I've saved up 93 of them.

Check my friends list. My favorite Leather Worker is on and not in a raid. Cool. Can you make me that quiver if I scrape up the mats? Sure, swing on by Shadow Moon Valley.


So, I decide that a friend in need trumps my gold savings plan and my feather saving stubborness.

Plus, the AH doesnt have any Primal Airs listed, and Mr. Warlock also had a couple of those.

So he's a bit closer on his way to his epic mount, and I've got a sweet sweet new 24-slot Quiver of a Thousand Feathers.

One totally semi unrelated many times do you end a raid, and then knock out a couple daily quests before running a WWS report, feeding the geese, then going to sleep?

And when you start your quest, oh I dunno, how about Skettis scrambled eggs, how many times have you wondered why the eggs blow up but you dont get credit? Or that damn chicken wing wont drop no matter how many Kaliri your Holy Priest plucks?

I wish they'd change Daily Quests to be do-able whilst in a Raid Group.

I mean, come on. Nobody is forming a raid just to more easily tackle the ridiculously easy content in a Daily Quest. But it would be nice from a social perspective to be able to stay in the raid group to stay in touch and bask in the glory of the raid while closing out your night.

kk, off soapbox.

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