Monday, March 3, 2008


I'll appologize in advance. Thursday last week. Wrote a bunch of entries, some of which I actually think are entertaining and vaguely interesting. Although lengthy, I did try to trim the fat and keep it moving. Interesting or not, at least there's drama in the posts. Oh well. In a bizarre twist of fate, I left my flash drive at work. Doh.

Friday. Called in F-U to work. Not sick. Not vacation. Just F-U. tyvm. Stayed home and watched a bunch of American Idol and Survivor. I'm still pissed they sent Yau Man home way to early, but there's enough eye candy still in the game to keep it interesting. I guarantee you that guy plays WoW. I, however, did not play WoW at all on Friday, and it was wonderful.

Had some goings-on in WoW on saturday that tie somewhat nicely with the posts I had already written, but were just sitting on a flash drive at work locked in a drawer, unposted.

Here's where my eyes start to get crossed with confusion....monday morning, sit down at the computer and think to myself "hey, why not post those articles". Yeah, why not. Oh, but you left your flashie at work. Right. Um...then why is it sitting right here next to the keyboard?

Hmmm. Oh well, I must be going insane, which is hugely likely.

Ok, short term memory fully occupied with things like which JC can cut those +agi gems and when does the honor you earned actually take effect and how many AV badges do I have and..., not enough room to remember where your articles are.

Plug the flashie in. Open the latest posting document. Hmm, these look familiar. Doh. I already posted these.

Now it dawns on me. I got all twisted up in my head. It wasnt work where I left my flashie, it was actually home. Thursday. flashie at home. Save blog posts to laptop harddrive.

Bring laptop home thursday night because we're heading into a new fight in kara, and you'll want the extra screen to have strategies handy.

So all weekend, laptop is sitting there, ready to post some entries. But no. I'm a re-re and totally dropped the ball.

So you poor folks are stuck with a bigger-than-normal helping of Amava's hijinks. Hope it's still fun to read. Sorry. I really hope I didn't shoot myself in the foot with this mutha load wall of text, because there is some good stuff here within.

Enjoy the next 10 or so posts...

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