Monday, March 3, 2008

One shot, two shot

Oh baby. Wednesday night was boss spankin' night. And a night of firsts for the guild.

No sooner do I write my post asking for ideas about Moroes, than, what do you know...we head on in, and in a guild first, one shot Moroes and his guests. Our strategy was pretty much our usual one, ie, bringing a third tank. Main tank and Off tank (prot warriors) both focus on Moroes.

To prevent havoc in the event that Moroes gouges one tank and then blinds the other, we have someone stand right on top of Moroes and follow him around, trying to be closer to his center of mass than either of the two tanks. This person becomes the target of blinding, and has their personal DPS go straight to h3ll for the fight.

The third tank, a Fury warrior on wednesday night, tanks first one of the guests, while the second guest becomes my turkey, and the remaining two guests are shackled by our holy priests until after Moroes is dead.

Given our collective DPS, the first guest dies mid way through till my second trap is about to thaw, and the guest-tank switches over to him. Funny to actually be telling a tank "YES, I'M SERIOUS, BREAK MY TRAP. NOW!!!!!!"

Once the turkey is dead, the guest-tank switches over to Moroes, becoming the new blinding target, and the original blinding target slides out and gets to begin hardcore DPS.

And that's pretty much it.

I did follow the advice from WoWWiki, and each time Moroes would vanish, I feign death'd. Not sure if it was due to this, or if it was random, but I did not get Garotted at all.

Bottom line, one shot, one kill. Guild first one-shot of Moroes.

On to Maiden.

Its a running joke in Team 1 that she just looks like she's got a suspicious bulge. And I'm not talking about an Adam's Apple either. We suspect that she wears a cod piece.

In an effort find out for sure, we decided to kill her and lift up the skirt/sarong/wrap thingie and check it out first hand. One of the holy priests actually walked up to her corpse, and looted perfectly aligned with the cod piece area, and so he's there kneeling down in perfect position to inspect. Unfortunately, I didn't hit print screen fast enough, and he had run off by then, because it really did look perfect, especially if you'd have been in on our pre-fight discussion of her bulge. :-( He confirmed that she is indeed trying to hide something that she keeps tucked back behind the legs.

Secrets to the fight?

Not really sure. Firstly, we all got our Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs configured to properly alert whoever has Holy Fire. This made for much simpler communication on getting the dispels done. The guys on dispel duty were johnny on the spot and took care of us lickety split.

Additionally, I think the melee guys (three warriors) worked out their positioning well which really limited the holy fire chaining.

Our Holy Paladin was right on top of the Blessing of Sacrifice to keep himself awake through the repentences which was clutch.

Also, we had our Mage cast Dampen Magic or other some such buff that I'm not really sure, but it supposedly helped out. We killed her, so I'll say yeah, it helped.

Actually on and on with the changes to our routine....we also had all the caster DPS get Blessing of Kings rather than Salvation. I ususally go with Kings anyways if there's only one pally, but the other DPS'ers who have fewer threat mitigation options than Hunters. We figured our tanks have been doing a solid job builidng threat, why not go for it. Seems to have paid off.

Speaking of threat mitigation, much to my chagrin, she did resist my first THREE consecutive feign deaths, which really pissed me off because I was hovering right around 100-115% threat level of the main tank, and I was trying to proactively reset my threat to zero. I was definitely threat capped and had to sit on just white damage at some times to prevent pulling aggro. Man, do I cringe when I hear that normally lovely "bloop" crit noise (Crit Alert addon, ftw) when hovering at aggro-grabbing threat levels. When the fourth FD actually held, w00t, I opened up the flood gates.

So we wiped on the first shot, then took 'er down.

Guild first Maiden droppage.

Guild first two boss night.


Needless to say, there was much fun to be had.

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