Monday, March 3, 2008

Spend, Spend, Spend

For those of you who read via the website, you get the beautiful visual treat of Amava's Savings Tracker, the little chart on the upper right of the screen, which chronicles the depths of my coffers on a nearly-daily basis. I still can't figure out how to stop Windows Vista's scheduler from erroring out on my stupid little .bat script that runs my stupid little java extraction program and my stupid little java chart generator, so it runs as regularly as I remember to double-click the .bat. Nearly every day.

You'll notice a nice, roughly linear progression of income from daily quests and AH sales of gatherables, with occasional dips, most of which are from when the Fel Lotus gods are out to get me and I actually have to go buy my relentless @ss rather than have it brewed (alchemed???) from raw mats.

Then you'll notice a gross disgusting awful 1200 gold dropoff the other day. :-(

Well, its actually :-)

First off was my new Primal Mooncloth Bag. Yummy. Already making it easier to harvest the entire load of email attachments that Amava sends to her AH mule without having to run back and forth from the bank/guild vault and mailbox a million times in IF.

Next up for bids....some new leg armor kits. I decided that, although my 10k gold goal is a nice fun little project, I really want moar MQoSRDPS. Those AoE packs of dinner guests near Moroes are just giving my Warlock friend a bit too much of an edge on the WWS reports for damage dealt. While I don't approve of wreckless, aggro-gaining, raid-wiping behavior in an effort to top the meters, I do like healthy competition that encourages people to kit themselves out nicely for the betterment of self and team. I'll show him, gimme some leg packs.

Mmmmm, Nethercobra Leg Armor.

I really want that extra 10 AP and 2 crit points. Costly, but f- it, money's no object, lol.

I started randomly barking in Trade "WTB nethercobra leg armor, have mats, name your price for your nether" over the course of a few days. Maybe that's a silly way to advertise, I got no responses over 3 days, and nothing listed on AH. The recipe comes from Exalted with Honor Hold, and none of my LW friends are even near that, so there wasn't even a short term possibility of running somebody through Heroic Ramparts until they could qualify.

If I was smart, I'd have advertised in the official Blizzard realm forum. Any time I've done that, its resulted in success in a day or two, when looking for crafters/enchanters. But I wasn't smart. Well, not too smart.

Putting on my thinking cap, I look on AH. I see some Nethercleft Leg Armors listed, all by the same guy. Figuring that he's a high level LW, maybe he's got the pattern I want. I look him up on Armory to see what his HH faction rep is at. Lol, he's level 33. Hopefully a mule for a fancy pants lvl 70 who's got all the LW patterns in the game. Yep, that's what I'm hoping.

I send him in-game email asking if he can make me some nethercobras.

Next time I log in, he whispers me instantly....

sure, I can take care of that. 450g

That's pretty much the going rate for the server. Not really in the mood to negotiate too much, I say...

i'll take 2 for 850g


Its about 4 hours until my Thursday night Kara run...

how long you need? kara run at 8:00, i'd sure like to have one of the two before that.

sure, I'll have one, if not both, shortly.

cool man. i'm gonna log and check back in an hour or two, the pup needs a walk. pls send COD.

um, can you hang, I really could use the dough right away.

ok, I got a few minutes. but i don't want to keep pup waiting, he gets cranky when he needs exercise

Next thing I know, he's starts running in a circle out front of the bank of IF, like he's just holding down W and D. Then this f-ing guy is broadcasting on Trade and General...

LF LW to make 2 nethercobra leg armor kits, my mats, your nether


F-ing middle man.

Like 3 seconds later, he whispers me...

kk, 2 minutes and you're all set

Really? d@mn.

Next thing I know, he's on General...

WTB port to SW, will pay lots for fast service

Would you look at this guy?

3 seconds later, some mage runs up and opens a port for the guy.

Couple minutes later, and I see him in Deep Run Tram, clearly on his way back to IF.

So I trot over to the train station to meet him when he gets off.

And there he is, opening a trade window with my two Nethercobra Leg Armor kits.

D@mn if he isn't a hard working little merchant.

I gladly gave him his 850. It was worth it just to see him in action.

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