Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Scrooge McDuck

Just dinged 9,000 gold, and my 10,000 savings goal is within a week or so reach, without too much fuss. Just complete a handfull of dailies and farm herbs along the way, and I'll be all set.

The question is...wtf then?

And this makes me think of similar things in real life.

Have you ever saved RL money towards a goal? What's the first thing you do when you hit that goal? Spend it. Strange.

Have you ever lost weight or reached an exercise goal? What's the first thing you do to celebrate? Lin's Chinese Buffet. But of course, poor Old Man Lin went out of business since you were single handedly keeping him profitable before your diet, but that's neither here nor there.

Once I save my 10k, what am I going to do? Probably spend it.

Only two real things I can think of to spend on...

  1. Alt professions. I've got an engineer that could use a boost from 225 to 300, a tailor/alchemist who's going to ding 35 any day now, thus opening up the door to level from 225-300 in those two. I've also got a little baby Jewel Crafter who could level up a bit, but she's only level 11 at the moment so not too much gold to dump there.

    I could spend on collecting every recipe I can find for those professions. Not hugely practical, but then again, what's the point of a pile of virtual money? Any more practical than a pile of virtual recipes?

    Seems the only limiting factor on my spending here is the speed at which I can level the toons.

  2. A Cenarion War Hippogryph. Why? Just because. I get bored of the Netherdrake sometimes, and the Aether Ray isn't all that much fun. The normal Swift Purple Gryphon is pretty cool, so why not a totally pimped out skinny crack-head version that's a 2k gold dump? Yeah, Baby!!!

    Of course, that means I'd need Cenarion Expedition Exalted. My speed run through Slave Pens leaves me 170 reputation points away from Exalted, so either splurge on a couple Coilfang Armaments or get 2 or 3 other people and kill the first few mobs in Steam Vaults.

    I've never seen one of these puppies flying around my server, so I might just have to do that.

There supposedly is a new sweet bow or gun from a world boss that's changing to BoE in the next patch, so maybe I'll wait for one of the fancy pants guilds on my server to put one of them up for sale, and then cry myself to sleep as I part with some ridiculous sum of gold for it, but oh well.

My jury is still out on what is a reasonable nest egg to walk into the next expansion pack with. Something's nagging in my head saying that the economy will be roughly 5x inflated, similar to how the economy from original WoW to BC expansion jumped about 5x (using only the fanciest mount/riding training as the measure, as its the game's biggest gold dump).

That would lead me to wanting 25k gold before WoTLK comes out, but I'll have to see how much damage my upcoming spending binge will do before I commit to something that lofty.

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