Friday, March 14, 2008

The Not-So-Painful Train

The Pain Train, as popularized on a few blogs of late, is a group of people in Warsong Gulch basically huddling up like a football kickoff return team, form a pocket around their flag carrier, and all focus on the one and only thing that will bring victory in WSG...delivering the flag to their base. No fiddling around in mid-field dying, rezing, dying, rezing. No silly single-file runs into the enemy base, getting picked off one at a time thus giving your enemy easy mode. Stick together, bring some healers, crowd control everybody you see, and keep moving. Just run back and forth across the field grabbing the flag and capping it.

Being a PuG BG'er, I rarely see one of these. Ah, maybe I should clarify. I see them, but usually I'm the one receiving the pain.

Wednesday was WSG daily BG quest day. (edit: so is friday's. grrr. can i get some av lovin pls?)

Uggy. I hate those. But, that 419 bonus honor is tough to pass up when you're looking at a new piece of gear with your mouth watering.

In my battlegroup, alliance PuG WSG is just a slaughter. We NEVER win. EVER. We barely even cap a single flag.

Ok, that's extreme. We squeak a win in here and there, but no where near as balanced as some of the other BG's.

I decided to allow myself two games. Getting slaughtered only twice before a kara run would still leave my delicate ego intact to show up and kill some bosses.

Waiting in the WSG starting area, for the first minute or so, its only 4 alliance against 10 horde. Great. Just make it quick guys.

But of the 4, one's a priest, another's a warrior, one's me, and the other is idunno. Hmmm, the makings of some fun?

So the 4 of us chat real quick and in about 2 sentences agree to stay together and try this out.

Luckily, shortly before the battle started, a couple more alliance joined, and I think it was 8 against 10 Horde by the end.

Result: mini-pain train.

That priest was just insane healing. The four of us stayed together the whole time. Back and forth. Back and forth.

Actually very little open field fighting. In the open, it was all running and CC. Concussive shot, wing clip if they got close, Frost Traps galore.

Most of the combat was close to the Horde base.

I killed so many of them in their own tunnel, it wasn't even funny. And the heals just kept coming. They kept me alive through all sorts of beatings. Only once or twice did they try to hit the healer, and in that chaotic tunnel, it was pretty tough to figure out who was who or what was what. And I kept doing my Rogue impression with the jittery running around and annoying movement and all that.

Quick, easy, 3-0 win.

Ding daily quest in WSG. I'm a big fan.

Turned out, me and the healer both found ourselves standing next to eachother in the Keep in Stormwind City after the fight.

Cool. We're on the same server. And I'm on the friends list of another Holy Priest. w00t

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