Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some BG Bellyaching

In case any of you remember, I had a new years non-resolution to stay positive. That lasted maybe two weeks.

Then, when feeling fine and on a nice positive kick, riding the wave of some early Kara progression, I had to mess things up and start with the BGs. What a maroon.

If an alien race showed up and had only one taste for humanity, and they got it by listening in on a PuG BG, they'd at best abandon the planet as infested with vermin, or at worst, sterilize the planet to ensure this sort of behavior shall never again taint the univers.

It really gets bad. You start to lose by one victory point or reinforcement and you get the instant abusive attacks beginning immediately.

So a quick venting of frustrations, some having to do with attitudes, and some having to do with "strategy" that people ignore employ. If I've said these before, oh well, they still irk me.

  • Warlocks. I expose my head around a post or corner for 2 seconds for recon, and then hide again. 1 minute later I die. F U Warlocks.
  • Idiots on bg chat. "Win" does not constitute a strategy.

  • Fighting 70 or 80 yards away from a node. If you just come a little bit closer, those three guys standing there defending the node can also fight with you and you'll totally pwn. You fight out there and three of your teammates watch you die because they don't want to abandon their post. You achieve next to nothing fighting in open turf.

  • Idiots on bg chat. Despite what you hear on /bg, my mother is actually a pretty nice lady who's got an excellent set of morals.

  • Rogues. I'm still unsure as to whether the utter joy I take on killing you out weighs the agony of being stun locked. But it sure is fun to slap a serpent sting on you and watch you try to vanish out of combat while my big red pet dashes to keep pace with you. lol, how does the Bestial Wrath Aimed Shot/Multi-Shot/Arcane Shot combo taste, punk?

  • Idiots on bg chat. Sorry kid, but I have indeed seen a nekkid woman.

  • Turtles in AV. Man, when I die and rez at a graveyard back at our Alliance starting area, I just dread having to try to break through to get back on offense. Those mutha' f'in hordies have like 10 people just dedicated to being a road block. Stop that!

  • Idiots on bg chat. Any reference to calling a person homosexual to indicate that you think they're not a good player should immediately have you banned for life. Just unacceptable behavior that needs to have a zero tolerance policy, both in game, and in our society.

  • People who don't kill rogues. You see a rogue doing that insane dance of poisons, daggers slashing, constant A.D.D. movement to stay behind their prey? HELP A SISTER OUT!!!! Please help get this guy off of me. If I see him up your butt, you'd better believe he's going to get a piece of my mind. That's the "team" part of teammates.

  • Idiots on bg chat who link in 10 epic pieces of gear to "prove" they're not noobs. I'm living proof of the fact that most PvP gear just takes time, not skill.

  • Single file attackers. Pls, look on your mini-map. You see a trail of friendlies following you? Just stand still for 2 seconds, let your teammates catch up to you, and then charge the node with a couple buddies. You walk in single file, they eat you alive, one at a time. You group up, you stand a chance.

  • Idiots on bg chat.

Ok, I'll be done with BG's soon. Keep saying it. I'll be done with BG's soon. I'll be done with BG's soon. Well, at least until they open up some more PvP gear that's a raiding upgrade.

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