Thursday, March 13, 2008

Defender of the Tower

And now for a story of some actual positive, constructive communication in a BG...

In AV, no real surprise here, I typically join the rush towards Galv out of the starting gates. As I've got an epic land mount and a riding crop, I'm usually one of the first people into the little chamber. Hopefully a tank shows up lickety split, so I can slip in and deliver the noise.

Once Galv drops, I sorta flip a coin. Or more specifically, I look at the Ice Blood Tower right next door. If the bowmen are gone, I mount up and head for Tower Point. If the bowmen are still standing, I shoot them from the ground, and then head on up to defend. If both IBT and TP are under control, I swing on over to the RH or the Frost Wolf towers. Man its fun to shoot incoming horde while standing up on the FW towers.

Sometimes you've got some Horde waiting up top. If somebody joins me to head up the spiral, typically an easy clear. If nobody joins me, and there's some hordies waiting, I ususally die and then get to join the discusting horrible mess of a turtle back at our starting area. Uggy uggy uggy.

If I manage to get up top and either cap the tower myself or just join existing defenders, it usually means a few minutes of standing around twiddling my thumbs, ie, keeping a snake trap and flare up at all times and staring at my minimap. When I call out inc or just about anything else, normally I get no response, as everybody on /bg is bickering and insulting eachother.

Last night, a pleasant surprise.

Kill Galv.

Inspect IBT. Bowmen still up, but 3 guys running up the spiral. Ok, shoot the bowmen down from the ground to help them out, and then head over to TP.

TP. Bowmen still intact. 3 Horde in the downstairs vestibule. 1 Alliance teammate already trying to kill them.

In charges a big red Amava. The two of us kill those three. Luckily, for quite a while the horde allowed me to stand just outside the deadzone and keep shooting. Woot, I had less than 100 health at the end.

Ally actually thanks me for helping him and then says he's off to RH. Ok. I eat some grapes and then head up to kill off the bowmen.

Cap the tower.

Standing up in TP all alone, I'm a scared little elf hiding shadow melded behind a snake trap and a flare.

Track Humanoids shows me 2 inc red dots.

I call out on /bg for help.

Immediately get 3 "omw" replies.

Red dots show up in my tower. I go into chaos mode.

I have no idea what the h3ll I'm doing, but I'll be damned if I'm going to stand still. I'm doing my best impression of a rogue trying to backstab and just generally cause havoc.

I'm wing clipping (because I don't really know what else to do in those cramped quarters), raptor striking, mongooseing, bestial wrath, bladefist's breadth, and even rapid fire, just because. I step out of the tower door onto the ledge to get range so I can shoot, get a couple shots off, then head back in for melee action and another trap.

Total and complete chaos, I'm basically slamming keys as hard as I can and moving in every which direction.

Its happening so fast I can't really tell what's going on or what my health is or what their health is. I do know it was at least a rogue (yuck) cuz I could see him and a shammy cuz there were totems galore.

Then the cavalry shows up. Those three dudes who responded "omw" pop in and right as I die, they clear the horde out.

One second later, the tower blows up.

w00t!!!!! A few minutes of total boredom alone in a tower, 20 seconds of complete and total insanity.

In a complete 180 from the norm, I get a few cheers and nice remarks on /bg chat. I thank the trio for their trip up my tower.

I end up on offense, get there just in time to fire a few shots on Drek as we claim victory and a couple hundred honor (come on baby, only a few thousand more honor till I get my chest piece and can stop this BG maddness).

Gotta be my favorite Battleground death ever.

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