Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm still standin'...after all this time

I learned last night that Sir Elton John was, indeed, singing about the Shade of Aran.

I also learned the true meaning of "I will not move when flame wreath is cast, or the raid blows up".

Went in on our first try at him monday night.

Came across several of our most hated trash clears. Those dudes who are immune to Hunter's Mark and Distracting shot, and then they blow up for 5000 arcane damage as they die, unless your rogue kicks them, which he only sometimes does :-( What's the deal with this trash? Why make them immune to things like that? Just to piss us off, that's why, but oh well. To trap them I gotta fire a few auto/steady shots to get them off my tank, then since I'm not using my /stopcasting trap macro, I then have to hit F12 which will grab my tank's target, thus preventing me from breaking my own trap.

Either way, clear up to Shade. No real fuss. The trash on one of those steep ramps dropped some boots that made our main tank pretty happy, as it's his very first Kara drop that he won the roll for. Makes you think DKP or loot council would not be a bad idea, but whatever, he's a mature person who likes the fun more than the loot. My kinda guy.

First impression of Shade...he's awesome.

So much more going on in this fight than any of the others.

With Moroes, you learn a little bit of coordination and CC.

With Wizard of Oz, you get to really spread out your forces and sort of have these simultaneous mini battles going on with each different actor.

Then with Shade, you've got everybody focused on the same thing at the same time, but its royal chaos.


As with every new raid, we learned VERY quickly just how important it is to stand still.

Say it again, all together with me now, "I will not move when flame wreath is cast, or the raid blows up"

Then you've got the fun magnetism effect that seems silly at the beginning, but when the first Arcane Explosion hits you, not quite as silly.

And Blizzard! Trotting around the room, firing stings and Arcane Shots on the move, getting into position and pew pew pew for a bit, and move some more.

Until we figured out to stand behind the tables. That helped quite a bit.

Tried 4 or 5 times. WWS seems to be breaking a lot lately with java errors on their page, so I hope they get fixed soon as I'm itching to see our performance.

Ultimately, best attempt was 23%.

Much fun to be had.

Much excitement going into next week's fresh Kara as we're getting more and more of the content under control and opening up more and more of the dungeon.

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