Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Raid Quests

One part of raiding that I didn't really think about or expect is the fun of raid dungeon quests. Most specifically, the sense of team spirit they build in a pioneer group as we each complete them together.

So far, there's two that stand out in my mind in Karazhan.

The first is the Violet Eye faction reputation grind and the new rings that come with each new level of reputation. Since we're a pioneer group (meaning that none of us are Black Temple raiders who, for what ever reason, have decided to drop back to a more casual pace and environment), which means that we all ding the next tier of reputation relatively near eachother.

Sure, due to missing a night here or there, and due to different levels of PUG'ing kara runs before we got organized, we're not totally synchronized on our new rings, but there is a nice feeling when a team member hits a new level and is getting a shiny new ring.

Our first guy hit Exalted last night and got the fanciest ring. Much joy to be had.

Then shortly after, with our guild first kill of the Shade of Aran, we got to experience another one of the quests. Pleasant coincidence to read Big Bear Butt today to see Casieann's description of the same chain of events.

The quest chain involving Medivh's Journal is one that the entire pioneer group is on, at the same point in the quest.

Loot Shade's body for Medivh's Journal. Then trot back through the trash-free halls to the library room. Clear the one pack of mana guys that's around the quest guy, which you skipped earlier for speed.

Oh, and add to the main tanks repair bill by letting him die in the process, but oh well, we were so pumped from the boss kill, I don't think he cared at all.

Turn in the Journal, and get some other book. Walk out to some terrace, read the book, watch as a sweet dragon (why can't the netherdrakes look like this guy???) and Medivh duke it out for a little bit. Then watch the dragon disintegrate into a skeleton.

Then break out of your raid group and form two 5-man groups and loot the bone fragment.

And then the fun begins. Everybody take the portal to Shattrath, and then fly up to Area 52.

Just good clean fun watching everybody hop onto their preferred method of air transportation, including another guildie that got his epic flight, w00t.

Now we're all itching (but it might not be itches of joy, i'm not sure) to run Heroic Shattered Halls and Heroic Sethekk Halls to finish off the next step.

I wonder how the new distractions with patch 2.4 will delay our ability to finish those two dungeons off.

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