Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Speedy Gonzales

Had the wonderful opportunity to run Heroic Slave Pens the other day. Me and three of my normal cronies from the guild, and a PUG tank. Beautiful little teddy bear.

Here's the kicker..the teddy bear was formerly in our guild. When the very first Kara Team 2 sorta formed and fizzled, he was one of the ship jumpers who sided with the Team 2 raid leader who basically spent 5 minutes swearing at the guild before /gquitting.

This was a month and a half ago.

In a small isolated answer to my question on the fate of ship jumpers, this Druid has found himself a spot with one of the server's most advanced Alliance guilds. Damn Druids, when he left us he had no gear, changed spec nearly daily, had nothing but a giant ego and horrible attitude.

For the life of me, I don't know why we invited him onto the team because the split really was on bad terms, but in the end, I'm sure glad we did.

Heroic Slave Pens. We've all done it a million times, pretty much know the routine by heart.

Start off the dungeon, the first pull is three lobsters who are zipping around a curve at top speed, pretty much meant to surprise wipe anybody new.

Ok, bing bang boom, down they go.

Before you can say "boo", he's bear charging off into the next pack that patrols in a big horseshoe shape.

Woah?!?!?! Nice shootin', tex!!!

We sorta recover and kill them off, although he did start trying to multi-tank the one he marked as my turkey, which was kinda strange.

Kill the pack, some folks start to mana up and he pulls the next guy.

All the while, on voice chat, he's being rather pleasant, a dramatic change from the former guy we used to run with, who was all full to the rim with pi$$ poor attitude.

Ding dang doom, we smash through the instance, exactly 59 minutes from pull to portal.

I honestly don't even think he was that good a tank, but good enough. However he just did an awesome job setting a pace that was right there at the edge of our ability.

By far the fastest I've ever blown through that dungeon. Seems to be a nice thing that he learned by jumping ship and joining a real raiding guild (damn druids, i'd like to see what that same guild would say if some stupid @ss nelf man-chick hunter wanted to join. did i mention that he can throw down a sustained 1000 dps? nah, i'm he's not looking at the moment, but thanks for askin).

Now I find myself wanting to ask one of my tanks to respec to Fury for a day, run with this guy, so he can see what pace we need to be running at if we want to make more progress in a fixed-time schedule single night of raiding, which will then allow me to maybe get some sleep?

How do you guys get your tanks to pick up the pace, without running too aggressively out of mana?

Because what a h3ll of a difference it makes, knowing that in a spare hour you can just waltz in and pickup 3 badges. A far cry from the four hour, one badge, heroic wipe-a-thons we used to do a month or two ago.

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