Monday, March 3, 2008

The Latest Fad: Epic Flight

In a wonderful turn of events, two guildies, both Holy Priests btw, dinged their Epic Flight training in the past two days.

It really is a cool milestone to shoot for, and the difference of flying at 225 and 300 is just phenomenal. Both of the guys are Herbalists, so I'll have to clip their wings if they try to take my Terocones, but that's neither here nor there. I'm sure I'll find a way to spread the love to my favorite squishies.

That brings the total up to 4 players in the guild who earned the skill while members, and one who was recruited from outside already flying fast.

Wednesday night, as we all ported back to Shatt after the Kara run, we're all heading off on our merry ways (farming warp meat, buzzard meat, talbuk meat, adamantite meat and fel iron meat for arrows, and herbs for my relentless @ss and mana pots for the next days kara run, damn, raiding is a pain in the butt).

Herbing and Mining the ogre-filled terrace above the Aldor Rise of shatt city, my Holy Priest comes on raid chat and asks "my bag won't sell on AH, anybody want to buy [Primal Mooncloth Bag]?"

No Doubt!

This guy's the Raid Healer, thus consistently looking after me and more importantly, Cringer.

And, Amava's a perpetual purse shopper, any PMB is gonna get gobbled up, 10k gold savings project be damned.

Then the difficult choice of whose soul to bind it to. Amava's fully decked out on her personal bags, but her bank's got room for some bigger bags. On the other hand, my AH mule often has to make multiple trips from the mailbox to the guild vault, personal bank, and AH, due semi-limited bag space.

In the end, the mule got the bag, as the extra 4 slots will speed me up a bit when I'm clearing out those emails chock full 'o schtuff from Amava's incessant gathering.

Priest whispers me about 10 minutes after the trade saying "w00t, epic flying skill"

He's not got enough to buy the actual mount yet though. I tried to pick up the tab. He wouldn't hear of it. Cool guy. The one what looked up Maiden's skirt. Aussie. Said "i'm a patient guy, and i've got a couple auctions that'll make it up in a couple days".

Patient? No sht. Fishing skill 375 kind of patience.

Great guy to have around. And soon to be flying right next to Amava.

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