Monday, March 3, 2008

Night at the Opera

Thursday night. Noob kara team. Fresh off of sweet sweet victory against Moroes and our first killing of Maiden the night before.

We start off with a few absent players. Not being picky, we ask this one Rogue from the Guild if he wants in. You could actually hear his jaw drop and hit the table through guild chat. Excited little bugger.

First thing he says over voice, complete with giant pubescent voice crack..."gimme a sec, gotta ask mom if i can stay up late".


Ok, mom was cool. I can only imagine what twisted emotions she felt at seeing her little baby (A) so excited, and (B) over a stupid video game. lol.

We zone on in.

Although totally under geared and hugely inexperienced (ha, like I'm a veteran, right?), he did show up using both a Guardian and a Battle elixir, had well-fed buff, etc. So kudos to him. Some of our regular Team 1'ers can stand to learn a bit from him.

First impression of Kara sans Maiden. w00t, soooo much empty space. We were just running around like Griswolds in an empty Wally World. Tried a few doors. locked. Saw what looked to be a passage way, moused-over some of the guys, saw the mouse icon switch to a battle sword. Cool. This way guys.

Clear the trash up to the Opera.

To determine which event was in store for us, we made the new guy strip and run onto the stage as our sacrificial lamb.

Wizard of Oz. Ok, now put your clothes back on and lets get in there for real.

For any of you out there who farm kara for 22 badges a week, for a moment, think back to your first time. The adrenaline level while standing on the stage with the curtain down, and the stage manager telling the story of what's to come. Through the roof.

Trying to strategize, we came up with a plan, although we're all sure this promises to be one heck of a chaotic fight.

Got our plan relatively straight. A little scary as we're trying to use two rogues to pseudo-tank two of the bad guys while we burn Dorothee down.

First attempt. We had no idea (A) how the activation sequence of the actors would work, and (B) what the h3ll "warrior kiting" Tinhead would be like.

Did ok. Wiped.

Buff back up, fire it up again.

Now that we have a feel for how the actors will join the fight, slight adjustment to the plan. Namely, everybody DPS on Dorothee, and as your tanking assignment activates, peel off and pick him up.

Much better, as we fried Dorothee substantially faster this time.

Utter chaos on that stage.

Main Tank on Tinhead put on a demonstration of kiting later in the fight. By then, he had enough threat on the mob to just walk around, and the rusty Tinhead would slowly follow, thus saving precious healer mana and mental cycles.

Raid was in decent shape by the time Tinhead was down and the Crone showed up. Maybe lost a healer and a DPS'er by then.

Crone and her d@mn tornado.

Things are moving along, she's losing health slowly. We're losing players speedily.

All healers dead.

Tank, Rogue (with the cool mom), and Amava are all that's left.

Tank goes down.

Cringer starts to growl. Before the first Mend Pet could expire, poor Cringer bought the farm.

Amava and Rogue are all that's left.

I start to kite her as best as I can, running around the stage firing whenever possible, rogue hacking at her heels.


Amava eats dirt.

Lone Rogue.

In kara his first time. Starts to sqeal over voice. Now hacking at her knee caps.


He's still dodging her swings like a mad man.


Dead Rogue


We called it a night.

I'm so proud of the team. Everybody adjusted well off the experience of the first attempt. Second attempt went amazingly. Next time in there, I have a feeling that we'll be throwing a bucket of water on that witch.

And all I could think of as I ported back to shatt...what a story that kid has to tell his friends at school the next day.

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