Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Fancy Arrows

You hear lots of QQ about the escalating costs of repair to armor. Each stronger type of armor is more expensive to repair than the previous, and as you get better epic gear, the repair costs also continue to increase.

As a mail wearer (and one leather piece, ftw. namely Midnight Legguards with Nethercobra Leg Armor), I've got a moderate repair bill, and FD to help me escape the occasional wipe where FD wasn't on cooldown at the time of the wipe.

But Hunters do have our own costs of operation.

We've got consumables like mana pots, flasks of @ss, buff foods, elixirs when there's no @ss to be found, and so on. But that's nothing special, everybody's got those.

We've got pet food. I usually go with the Smoked Talbuk Venison as it provides a good amount of pet happiness and is readily available from a vendor in any area of Outlands. Keeping a constant supply of these puppies will cost you a little coin. Good idea to mount up or dismiss pet anytime that you're just standing around, because the meter is running.

Then you've got projectiles.

I used to use the best general goods vendor arrows available. Not too costly, just grab 'em by the handfull.

Then came revered with Cenarion Expedition and their nice Warden's Arrows. A little extra DPS, and a little extra silver to each stack.

I was using those for a while, then I decided to grab my Engineering Prot Warrior friend and drag his butt up to Netherstorm and grind away some Blood Elf Archers until one of them coughed up the recipe for Adamantite Arrow Maker, and the Adamantite Stingers they pop out.

Very nice. As a miner, these are ideal. Just scrape a tiny portion of the Fel Iron and Adamantite that you're constantly farming, buy some cheep wood from a vendor, and you've got a constant supply of arrows. Sure, there's the opportunity cost of NOT selling the metals, but out of pocket? nada.

I use the stingers for raiding, and warden's arrows for everything else.

Dinged Revered with Violet Eye the other night in Karazhan.

Cool new ring came from the ringy dingy quest. Digression...I really like that ringy dingy quest. It makes everyone so happy for you when you level up your reputation, and its sort of a common shared experience for the team since they're generally the best rings for all classes at this stage of progression. Kudos to Blizz for that. I hope other raid instances have similar concepts. Ok, back to my fancy arrows.

This morning, I was on my way to bang out an AV or two before work and I swung by the specialty projectile vendor in Aldor Rise.

Hello? What's this? A new arrow available to me - Mysterious Arrow. I knew there were arrows from Violet Eye, but for some reason, I thought they came at Exalted. Nope.

A few more DPS, and also double the cost of Warden's Arrows, at a whopping 80 silver per stack. So that'll add somewhere around 5 or 6 gold to each night of raiding.

The question is, though, when to use them? Should I treat them as specialty raiding arrows, or just say f-it and use them all the time? Its not like the gold is an issue, but part of the reason gold isn't an issue is because I don't typically spend it frivolously.

Doesn't help that the icon for the arrows in my quiver look identical between Mysterious Arrows and Warden's Arrows. Makes it kinda hard to co-mingle them in the same quiver so I have them handy for any circumstances.

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