Monday, March 3, 2008

I Hate my Hat...

Amava has been wearing the Earthwarden's Coif for quite some time. Ever since running Steamvault for the first time, what seems to be ages ago.

In case you're at work and can't see the tooltip link, it's got a nice amount of +25agi, +25sta, +18int, a red socket (+8agi), a meta socket (+12agi and +3% crit damage), a socket bonus of +4agi, plus +34ap and also +7mp5.

Of any of the easily accessible helmets, I really like this one the most. Even more than the Desolation Helm I've got sitting in the bank.

But it looks attrocious. Sure, you can turn off the helm visibility in the interface options. But Amava don't play that. Helm and Cloak always visible. Alts vary their visibility for aesthetics, Amava shows her helm, for better or worse.

It looks like a combination of a bunch of feathers and a rotten guinea pig pelt.

Its so ugly, in fact that I decided it needed to go.

Looking through Kaliban's list, I just don't like any of the options that're within reach.

I do however see lots of hunters wearing that dark black helmet with the curvy antelope horns and ominous green glowy eyes. What's that all about?

The Gladiator's Chain Helm

Compared to the Coif, this little puppy offers up a little more +agi (once socket bonus is accounted for), a boatload more +sta, same +int, has the same two sockets (red and meta), offers up a +4 resiliance socket bonus, adds +20 crit rating, +20 resilience, and two additional attack powers. And a big increase in armor. At a loss of +7mp5.

Sign me up. How do you get this baby?

What's that you say? Battlegrounds? That's PvP, eh? Yucky poo poo. Me no likey. But, its a pill I can swallow for a better looking, and performing, helmet.

Yadda yadda yadda (see next post), now its monday morning, and Amava's got her new hat.


Pike said...

I loves me my Gladiator's Chain Helm.

...I don't show it, though =P Always show the cloak, but not the helm, unless it's one o' those spiffy fedoras.

Anonymous said...

Dude. Slig's gotcha on bad hats. This game is FULL of bad hats!!