Thursday, March 27, 2008

Patches Drive Me Nuts

Ooohhh, the patch came out.

Primary thing I like about that is that everybody's gonna stop talking about it soon, and we'll be back to business as usual. There's something about this whole patching phenomenon that drives me nuts.

On the surface, you could think that my beef with patches is due to the long download of the patch itself. Took about an hour or so to download. Not too bad, I wanted to take a walk with the gf and pup anyways, despite the freezing rain :-)

Then there's the scramble to find updated copies of your addons. I get most of mine through, which had some big issues on patch night (edit: however, by the next morning, they were doing fine). I think my addons were getting out of control as I had been randomly experimenting with different ones over the past few months. I took this opportunity to blast my AddOns folder and start clean.

Once that's all done, then you can log in and try to actually get those addons to work properly. Most were ok, but a few were strange at first. I'm also stupid and switched to X-Perl unit frames rather than Perl Classic. Seems good at first, but huge amount of customization can be done, which added to the overwhelming feeling.

Ok, by then it was 10:00pm or so and I'm finally able more or less stable (computationally, not emotionally) and I can play.

First thing you get is the BOMBARDING of guild and general chat wanting info about the new zone, random hugely unconfirmed rumors about new stuff, invites to run the new dungeon, complaints about addons, and so on.

I honestly think this last part is what drives me nuts.


I just don't understand the rush. And this is coming from a person who admittedly suffers from a huge imbalanced sense of urgency that at times becomes crippling, driving me towards a goal.

But everybody's rush to play the new dungeon. Do the new quests. Get the new loot.

I don't get it.

I actually switched my chat panel over to the combat log, just so I wouldn't have to look at it all.

Got to the point where my friends were blindly sending party invites to talk to me, since I couldn't see, and therefore respond, to whispers. "wanna run mr.t?" no thx, ima get some sleep, c u in kara tomorrow

I dunno, maybe I'm a fuddy duddy buzz kill, but I really don't buy into the hype.

Am I excited to run the new dungeon? Sure!

Do I want to try out the new quests? No doubt!

Am I going mental to cram it all in the first night? Nope!

I'm just going mental from the unbelievably out-of-control sense of urgency that's going on all around me.

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