Friday, March 14, 2008

Bloodlust Brooch

After Kara, I went to the bank to dump my raid bag out. And what's this? Lots of badges now? Cool, let me go talk to G'eras and see if there's anything nice for me.

Bloodlust Brooch. 41 Badges of Justice.

Sure, why not?

Of course, after buying it, nearly instant buyer's remorse, or perhaps just doubt, as I hadn't noticed the difference between AP and Crit. This puppy is replacing my Bladefist's Breadth. Nets a big "on equip" bonus to Attack Power, but also a loss of nearly 1% of crit. "On use" it provides a much nicer AP buff, for an even longer amount of time. Not really sure how to directly compare the two, so rather than paralyze myself with over analysis, I think I'll just put on my purple goggles and equip the shiny new trinket.

I was hovering around 28%-ish unbuffed crit, and so I'm none too happy with the 1% drop to that stat. I hope it'll leave my pet with a nice steady stream of focus, and also a continuous kill command ready to fire every time the cooldown is up, which it's been pretty close to lately.

Perhaps a switch

The natural place to go to test out any theories would be Dr. Boom. Personally I dislike using him as a baseline analysis because so much of my talents, gearing, and style are based upon how me and my pet interact, which good 'ole Boomy doesn't allow for.

I'd really like to use a Curator fight as a baseline, as it is really just a "stand and deliver" fight where I'm a continuous stream (well, 96% continuous) of MQoSRDPS.

Unfortunately, by the next time I face Curator, I'll have a new PvP chest piece, which will alter my stats, making a pure Bloodlust Brooch vs. Bladefist's Breadth comparison difficult.

Fortunately, my new chest will help increase my output, so f-it all. Just go purple and don't look back. Keep delivering the pain to thine enemies.

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