Monday, March 3, 2008

...And I also Hate BG

I guess "hate" is an extreme term.

I did find myself having fun whenever I wasn't completely destroyed/pwned/crushed/eaten-digested-evacuated by rogues, which is to say about two minutes throughout the weekend.

What I do hate is running up the hill to the Lumber Mill in Arathi Basin, knowing from "track humanoids" that there's a roughly even amount of Horde and Alliance already up there, dismount, kill a priest, then target a hunter. Start firing....

Aimed shot. crit. Multi Shot. crit. Auto shot. no crit. Arcane Shot. crit. Watch his health BARELY MOVE, only to look up and see he's got 15,500 HP. Are you f-ing kidding me? 15.5k health!!! I had 7800. Well, at least when the fight started I did.

Keep in mind, I have no place in BG. I am a pure PvE killing machine. I did a little WSG at 39. Since then I've run a couple of AV at 70, but only to play with my friend who was trying to get some gear and wanted a companion.

That's it. Oh yeah, and I've dueled 3 or 4 times along the way.

So I put my big boy boots on and head off to war.

The helmet costs 30 AV thingies and 14,500 honor. I've got 6 thingies and about 3k honor sitting there.

Rather than re-hash the details, first, a high level summary:

1) AV - Alliance (me) won roughly 67% of the games I was in. I'm still totally lost on the map, but I can follow the crowd and I can cap towers. I have no idea which graveyards to capture, or when to capture them. Games here are lots of fun, unless its goes turtle then its a bit nauseating.

2) AB - Alliance won a little less than half the games I played. It was AB holiday, so I kept comin' back for more. When the games are fast paced, with small packs of players cruising around together and generally focus firing, lots of fun. When nobody pays attention to the very-few-and-far-between instructions, its less fun.

3) EotS - Alliance won 10% of the games I was in. Sunday EotS was the daily quest. I was determined to keep playing until I completed the quest, d@mn it. Took 10 tries. Nothing fun about this one. Nearly every other team was Horde premade. I dread seeing the Horde roster filled exclusively with 15 folks from the same server.

4) WSG - I dunno, I didn't go there.

Did lots and lots of BG's over the weekend. Farmed about 12k honor and enough AV badges to get my helmet.

Things that make me queasy when playing PuG BG:

1) Jokers who degenerate into complete @ss clowns on /bg chat whenever our side started losing.

2) Jokers who instantly start reporting everyone as AFK.

3) Rogues. BRK says he can pwn them. Good for him. By the time I could even target the guy, I'm basically dead. At least the good ones. BRK warns Horde rogues on Drenden that whenever a hunter is standing still, there's a good chance there's a trap at her feet or just behind her. Ok. I get it. So why were they able to sap me anyways? And how often are you standing still? I found that I was much more mobile than that. Sure, snake traps galore, and frost traps as needed. But rogues with even a tiny bit of skill eat me alive.

4) Paladins. Jimminy Christmas. How long does it take to kill one of these guys? Gimme a break. And I thought we were supposed to break the bubble with Arcane Shot?

5) Jokers on /bg chat. You get maybe 1 or 2 folks actually giving constructive advice on BG chat. I love those people, especially as a noob who has no idea what-so-ever how to play these games, because when I see "group 1 take GM, group 2 and 3 take BS" whether you like the strategy or not, at least you might have some people cooperating and accomplishing objectives together. Of course, it took me a while to figure out what GM and BS are, but I'm a sharp little cookie, plus I've got two monitors, so WoWWiki to the rescue :-)

6) Jokers on /bg chat. Sometimes you get someone ask "what's the plan?" And you get idiots chiming in with "win" or "kill horde". Thanks guys. You've really helped us out with those witty remarks. They remind me of the coconut at work who asks "workin hard, or hardly workin?" 85 times a day.

That said, some moments of pride and joy at trying to do what I think is the right thing, and having some small pockets of sweet sweet success...

1) Kiting warriors and paladins. More fun than I thought. I was able to pull it off so infrequently that when I did, I was overjoyed. Remembering to use Viper Sting on the pallies, more fun than I can explain to see him just sitting at zero mana. Come on, punk. Try your pretty little heals now, b1tch.

2) Flag recovery in EotS. On the winning fight, I captured the node that we began to retrieve the flag to. Then I killed off not one but two would-be attackers trying to reclaim their node. w00t on me. Then I helped with CC on the flag retrievals. Fun to fling some frosty traps and concussive shot at all the pursuit. On the last, game-winning daily-quest-fulfilling flag retrieval, guess who....yep...Amava plucked the flag, and ran like a Cheeta from H3ll over to the Mage Tower. All kinds of pain came at me. So did all kinds of heals. When I died, I was at the ramp to the MT. Alliance teammate picks it up and caps it FTW.

3) When I ran out of ammo in AV. Yep. J@ck@ss, right here. I became the melee huntard in full fashion and glory. It was actually so much fun, I want to do it more. The fight had become a pinch point of pain right at the entrance to the camp that has the building that Drek is in. You've got your warriors and rogues and other melee folks facing off right in the entry way, and all the ranged and AoE folks just raining terror down on that middle ground. And here's Amava, running in, dropping snakes, swinging her giant oversized S3 Arena axe, raptor strikes galore. I Wing Clipped EVERYTHING that moved. I used Aspect of the Monkey for the first time in 40 levels. Amazingly enough, I kept getting tons and tons of heals, and stayed alive forever doing this, again and again. I felt bad. I wanted to tell the healers to stop healing me because I'm an idiot who doesn't deserve it. But I think I became the rallying force for the Alliance. "Look at the -tard. Follow Her!!!!"

So, BG's remain a fun place to visit, but I dont wanna live there.

Well...there is this nice pair of boots....and I'm wearing greenies right now.....hmmm....


Beowulfa said...

Sofl (sitting on floor laughing). You're funny. Or I should say your story was ......

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