Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Turn Around Jump Shot Like Bernard King

Kiting. A word lots of people use. Not so sure people really understand it. I'm just starting to get the gist.

Generally it means to attack a mob or other player and run away. Keep attacking enough to keep the mob or players interest, while moving your feet such that you keep distance between you (kiter) and your prey (kitee). Oh yeah, and mix in as many slow-down techniques that you've got to help maintain that distance. Might take you a while to kill your enemy, but in the end, you'll be alive and he'll be staring at that stupid rez countdown.

Now, with all the BG's I've been playing of late, you'd think that seeing people kite would be more prevalent. Honestly, looking around, I haven't seen it at all.

Of course, I'm not much different. I'm still very much on the run sideways strafing version of kiting. Keeps me alive for a bit, and I've got a couple successes where I've had to kite some warriors FOR EVER, and been able to do it. Usually they either catch up to me because I've got no talent points in any of the crowd control talents available to hunters, or because I'm sloppy. Or if one of their buddies shows up and stuns me. F ALL ROGUES!!!!

However, to this day, I have never seen anybody do a jump shot kite.

Well, at least not until this one Eye of the Storm.

Standing at the Draenei Ruins, I was looking at the bridge over to the Blood Elf thingie.

There was a Troll hunter standing our side (DR), and Alliance Warrior and Rogue were both giving him chase.

Immediately, I saw this guy drop a frosty and then turn around and head to BE. I figured he was bugging out and heading for safety.

Next thing I know, he's executing these beautiful spin-o-ramas in mid air and firing away at the two guys that were chasing him.

Over and over. It all happened pretty fast, and I was blown away at how smooth this guy was, so I didnt really see exactly what he did to control the two melee folks, but control them he did.

He kited them all the way over to the BE area and then headed over to the mid-field like he was going to the flag.

He made it all the way over to entrance ramp for the flag before the Rogue was dead. He hadn't taken a single hit yet.

Next up, the warrior.

Naturally, by this time, a couple of Hordies came to DR so I had to pick my jaw up off the table and start defending.

So if you're that Troll Hunter on the Retalliation battle group, I couldn't catch your name in time, but you know who you are, so let me know and I can give you a shout out, because that was just beautiful.

Note: horror of horrors, I haven't actually watched the BRK jump shot training vid. I probably should, as I've got about 10,000 more honor points to get my last BG loot that I'm interested in. Might make for some fun to try that out, but no way I'm going to compare myself to this Troll. He's an artist.

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