Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quests are getting stupid

Ok, maybe I'm riding a big negative wave surrounding the patch, but whatever, I'll try to spread my gloomy grey cloud over the biggest AoE I possibly can.

I avoided the new zone on patch night.

The next morning, was back to functioning, I got my addons all squared away, and figured I'll go take a peek.

Talk to a couple random NPC's and I'm off on a couple quests.

At this point, it becomes impossible not to notice that Quest Helper is lacking information for quests in the new zone.

And it immediately made me realize how stupid most questing is in WoW.

Its just the same d@mn thing over and over.

Go kill some mobs that we're not going to tell you where they are. As an added twist to break up the monotony, maybe the quest will involve not just killing the mobs, but looting some specific item off them. Or maybe you gotta right click something while targeting their corpse to get credit. And finally, to make things really interesting, how about you take those things you just looted, walk over to a hovering crystal, and then right click.

Ok, Ok, I understand how tough it must be to develop different patterns than this. I'm not really bashing Blizzard or anything. Clearly there's some appeal to the patterns they create, as we all are drawn to do them over and over.

Quest Helper makes this silly pattern SO much less nauseating.

I really think that the problem is that using in-game resources only, there is NO way to actually figure out where the mobs, or crystals, or droppings that you need are.

The quest giver provides a minimal hint. That's it.

Not like in fun games of yester year like Zelda or the slightly-less-well-known-but-really-fun-anyways Shining Force and Shining Force II: Shining in the Darkness for Sega Genesis. In those kinds of games, you can at least talk to a variety of NPC's and gain more and more information and clues about what you've got to do and where you've got to go.

Even if its still ultimately a grind, you at least feel like you could, if you so desired, gather up the puzzle pieces and solve the problem on your own. WoW throws that away. There's two choices for questing in WoW: randomly brute force your way all over the place in the hopes that you find what the quest is looking for (gag me with a spoon), or look the info up at some third party site.

Quest Helper takes 90% of the grindy grind part of the game that I dislike and removes it.

So, wonderful folks that develop and maintain QH, please, pretty please, with sugar on top, get some Isle of Quel'Danas info loaded soon.

Will I get the quests done without your fabulous tool? Yes.

Will it drive me nuts looking up quests on wowhead? Totally.

Will QH be updated with the new quests any time soon? Pretty please?

Am I a ninny who the old-school players would frown upon for being so weak in the knees as to be addicted to a crutch like QH? Lolyeah.

Do I care what those coconuts think about how I play my video game? Not for a second!

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