Thursday, March 27, 2008

And now for a break from the gloom

Ok, ok. I bought a bottle of Negativity-b-Gone and sprayed it all over my little cage at work, so why not get into some of the nicer things in WoW...such as a new Karazhan Raid ID and a fresh instance.

And also, I'll start off the post with a promise that I won't end the post with a series of self questions and self answers. I promise.

Wednesday night will be our first raid of the week.

The team enters with high hopes of blasting through the early bosses.

I enter with high hopes of being free from the patch 2.4 hype for a couple hours and focus on our tried and true teamwork and boss killing. And some badges that I can save up for the seemingly unattainable new badge loot.

So what does Wednesday night mean to us?

The goal is Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Opera, and Curator, all within our 3-hour scheduled raid.

Sounds reasonable, yes?

We entered last week with the same aspirations, but it didn't happen.

I'd like to blame it on the Opera Event. We had never encountered Romulo & Julienne before, and couldn't beat them the first night, so we stalled there, with both Opera and Curator waiting for us on our second raid night.

But I can't really blame that. To help balance Real Life, the team is really trying to stick to raids that do not extend beyond 3 hours. Of course, trash respawns typically govern how long we spend and that normally leaves us calling it a night before the 3 hour timer is up, but that becomes less relevant as we get more bosses on farm status.

Last wednesday, we were nearing the end of our time as we started the Opera Event, so it was not going to happen even if we one-shot R&J.

This led to Amava's pep talk. Go Team! Go Team!

  • Sign up, even if only to indicate that you'll be absent, on Group Calendar at least a day in advance that is if you can get a working copy of GC on patch night :-P

  • Show up on f-ing time!

  • Drink the second you're out of combat.

Main Tank is on board! He lets the team know that on the trashy trash that we all know and love, if he sees healers at 50% mana or better, he's pulling, so get ready.


I know we have the capability to do it. We have the gear, the knowledge of trash pulls, the familiarity of these early boss fights, and the team skill to get it done.

Its just up to execution to see if we can pull it off. Sure, new bosses like last week's R&J and SoA are nice, but the ability to execute on the first raid night is the next big step of progress for the team. Getting all bosses through Curator done on the first night will allow us to face Aran on our second night. I don't want to underestimate how many tries it'll take to kill him again, as we just barely squeaked by when we did kill him.

If all goes as planned, that'll leave our last night of the week for testing out a new boss.

Who is good to hit next? Illhoof? Netherspite? Prince?

See, I promised it wouldn't be self questions and answers. Just questions :-P

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