Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fel Lotus Bloomin' Early

Just a quick thought....

In patch 2.4 they announced that Fel Lotus will drop more frequently from herb nodes.

Mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, the rate that I farm at tends to net me sufficient Fel Lotus to have enough relentless ass brewed for raiding, with maybe one extra for sale on a daily basis. Its random, and goes in cycles, but generally speaking. And they sell for about 22-24 gold without any problem, so I'm a big fan.

With the increased supply in patch 2.4, the price will generally decline. Sure, you'll have more to sell, so as long as they set the spawn rate to not be too crazy, there will always be buyers and it should wash out, perhaps even increasing the net income since the cheaper lotus's and corresponding Flasks will be accessible, cost-wise, to a larger audience of raiders.

Here's the kicker.

Like I said, at the rate that I farm, I've been getting 2 or maybe 3 Fel Lotus a day on average.

What's the deal with Sunday?

I didn't do any specific targeted farming, I just flew around for about an hour and a half doing the daily quests in netherwing, skettis, and ogri'la.

14 Fel Lotus.

Me thinks that was either the yin to the yang of bad luck I had on the rolls on Curator's loot, or maybe they implemented part of the 2.4 stuff early?

In any event, sell sell sell, before the price plumets.

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